Subway Series Menu #8 The Great Garlic Video Review

Subway really does have a seemingly endless menu, filled with amazingly creative combinations of flavors. Today I sample one of their offerings, that uses garlic (one of my favorite flavors) along with Subway’s amazing, smokey rotisserie chicken. But that’s not it folks! This sandwich also pairs this garlic chicken with a layer of bacon and a double dose of Monterey cheddar!

In the video below you can watch me indulge in this garlicky creation. Watch the video and see what I thought!

The Great Garlic really didn’t taste what I thought it was going to taste like. (Not in a bad way though.) The garlic, while very plentiful, had a much lighter flavor than I was expecting, almost like an Italian dressing. The rotisserie chicken was amazing as always. (I love the Subway rotisserie chicken! It just melts in your mouth, with that amazing smoke flavor!) This sandwich has a lot of great veggies and they help the flavor out quite a bit, while also adding a bit of crunch. The cheese is present, but it really takes a bit of a back seat here to the other flavors. To top it off, the bacon kind of wraps up everything in a little bow as well, giving everything an even smokier, umami flavor.

All in all, while the garlic flavor was a bit lighter here, it still was an amazing sandwich through and through. Smokey, garlic chicken at its finest!

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