Wendy’s Ghost Pepper Ranch Chicken Sandwich Video Review

Wendy’s has always held a spot in my heart since I was a child. Their old-school dollar menu was the best thing in fast food. (No lie, I still miss their dollar menu jr. bacon cheeseburgers. What a value!) That being said, I was pretty excited for the following review. Let’s be honest though, any time I get to put delicious sandwiches in my mouth is a good day for me!

Today is a bit of a different Wendy’s experience for me though. I’m reviewing a chicken sandwich, which is not the first thing I think of when I think of Wendy’s, but it seemed super interesting and I love ranch topped fried chicken sandwiches. It’s also topped with ghost pepper seasoned fried onions, which makes this thing look super crunchy! (Also my thing)

In the video below you can see what I thought of this spicy, ranch creation! Check it out and see what I though!

Don’t be a chicken! Really, I don’t think anyone should be afraid here. It’s not that spicy of a sandwich. The ranch sauce actually calms down the spiciness, letting you enjoy the pepper flavor more. Don’t get me wrong though, it does have a bit of a bite, but that creamy mayo really soothes the heat. (Maybe get a drink if your concerned about the spiciness)

The chicken sandwich itself though was pretty amazing. The breading is well seasoned and crispy and the onions also add a lot to the overall crunchiness. The fresh stuff is also pretty great too, making it taste pretty premium.

All in all, this is a pretty wonderful, spicy option for anyone who loves breaded chicken sandwiches. Don’t let the “Ghost Pepper” name-plate fool you, if you’ve had spicy sandwiches at fast food places before, you can handle it. With the addition of the onion rings too, it also makes this a pretty unique experience. In short, I though this was a delicious sandwich through and through and would definitely get it again!

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