Wendy’s Loaded Nacho Triple Cheeseburger Video Review

The first thing I though when I saw the Wendy’s Loaded Nacho Triple Cheeseburger was: “This has to be a novelty, right?” It just seemed so far out of left field. Nachos & burgers together? Was Wendy’s serious here, or was this just an attention grabbing ploy to get people in the store?

I had to know what this burger tasted like. The idea of perfectly combined nacho and burger flavors seemed like heaven to me. I mean, nachos and burgers are both in my top ten, so you know I had to review this thing.

Watch the video below to see what I thought of this corn-chip covered creation!

Wow, was that surprisingly good! So good in fact, it might be my favorite Wendy’s cheeseburger right now. It takes that amazing Wendy’s Triple Stack and evolves it into something that’s not only delicious, but also completely unique in the fast food world right now.

The flavors are also perfectly formulated. Its not some thrown together, hack job. Every flavor complements the other. The Wendy’s Triple Stack is the foundation that everything is built upon here, but the additions of queso sauce and corn chips really kick things up a notch. The chips bring some amazing chili and corn flavor, as well as a crunch to everything. The queso sauce also coats everything in its unique cheesy flavor, making the whole thing taste more like a big beefy plate of loaded nachos, than a typical cheeseburger.

All in all, this is an A+ offering from Wendy’s and its also something super unique that sadly might disappear from the menu, despite how delicious it is. My recommendation is to check it out before it leaves, because its one tasty burger that you won’t find anywhere else!

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