I Bought A Used Claw Machine From Ebay!

December 25th 2021 by William Settle

I made a huge purchase the other day! A huge claw machine! (Check out the video above) I’ve been wanting one for a long time, just watching any kind of claw machine and crane game video I could on YouTube. (There are really some amazing claw channels on YouTube too! Claw Craziness, Clawboss, Plush Time Wins, Arcade Matt & Claw Kicker just to name a few) So when I saw this claw machine on sale, I knew I had to get it. It was only $275 plus another $100 to ship it to a nearby town. This is almost unheard of for used claw machines so I knew I had to get it.

If your wondering how I got such a good deal, well you just have to be looking for one on eBay all the time. Its really just about being vigilant and tenacious about wanting one. Eventually you will see a machine you like cross your path.

I would suggest you make a list of search terms to constantly be searching for. Think claw machine, crane game, crane machine and so on. Make sure you include some adjacent searches too, like arcade machines, candy machines, vending machines and so on, because sometimes people who are not as familiar with these types of machines will mislabel a claw machine as one of those and not what they’re commonly called. That’s how I got mine. It was mislabeled slightly and I think nobody else saw it. Lucky me right!

Another tip is if you find a seller that has a lot of other types of arcade or vending machines, they might also have some claw machines in their inventory. Keep an eye out for people selling vending machines, candy machines, coin pushers, pinball machines and so on. If they carry these, they will most likely be carrying what your looking for too.

Also, if you want to know who sold it to me, it was Thriftworld, a thrift store from Nebraska. Check out their website and eBay listings if your looking for a deal. They might not have anymore machines now, but I certainly got an amazing deal from them. Thank you so much Thriftworld if your reading this!

Good luck everybody out there looking for their own machine! Keep those eyes peeled on eBay!

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