Heroes of Might & Magic III: Greatest Game of All Time?

Heroes of Might and Magic III is no ordinary game. Its not just a strategy game or a fantasy game. Its a way of life. Its a sharpening stone to everything that you do, turning your mind into a razors edge. Before you scoff at my claims, hear my argument, because once you hear it I’m certain you will understand my conclusion.

Firstly, the game is a strategy masterpiece. Every game is a literal puzzle-box that takes many levels of reasoning, logic and strategy to solve. Its like playing baseball in the over-world mixed with chess for the individual battles. Every game offers something completely different and will challenge your ability to adapt to immediate problems. In short, its the perfect game for fans of pure turn based strategy.   

Secondly, every flavor of the fantasy genre is represented in total perfection. These differences are not just superficial either, the factions are all extremely unique and wildly different from their peers. Think of them as different vehicles with radically different ways of operating. Each one will be better suited for certain situations. This gives you nine vastly different options for how to take on your foes. Whats even more impressive, is that the factions all feel relatively balanced, which is an amazing feat considering the games scope.

The game also has a ton of awesome random things sprinkled throughout the game that help shape and give additional immersion into the game. Things like dragon utopias, unique creatures, witches huts, quests for magic items, buried treasure, the grail, and so much more just pull your right into the game and help break up any kind of monotony.

Sure the game takes a while to play and it has some dated graphics. It is still a beautiful game to look and will hold your attention firmly for those long hours. Its basically the everlasting gobstopper of the gaming world. It just keeps going and going, and is always satisfying.

One of the absolute best features of the game is its multilayer which can be done online or at home locally on just one computer. No need for any connectivity issues, just play on the same machine. You also have a ton of maps, a map editor to create your perfect masterpiece and tons of unique skirmish options. Watch out though, this game is addictive and should keep you hooked for a long time!

So, in summation, this is my favorite game obviously.  It is the one game I constantly go back to time and time again. It does an excellent job of not only engaging the mind, but also letting you loose yourself in this fantastic world for hours and hours on end. Its truly my greatest game of all time.

Thats not even the end though. This game helped shape my own personal life.  It taught me organizational skills that are transferable into the real world. Example: I am a graphic designer with many different facets of business, from Youtube, to doing graphic design for clients, to music, blogs ect. What I learned through playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3, lends itself to my own personal business strategy, putting emphasis on particular facets that I am better suited for and prioritizing things that I think would be best for that particular moment in time. In short, I sort of pretend that my business runs on a “Heroes of Might and Magic Operating System”.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but it actually makes a lot of sense once you see it in action. 

I also wrote a book about trading stocks that was heavily inspired by this game. I thought, what is the most strategic way I could illustrate trading stocks! Fantasy gaming! (With a little D&D sprinkled in of course!) With what I learned from the game, basic strategy, tact and so on, I think I am a better trader now!

All in all, I hope that Heroes 3 finds you and you grow attached to it as I have. It has truly shaped my life for the better.

Thanks for reading everybody! Id love to hear your opinion on this story! Leave me some comments below and as always, stay Groovy!!

Post On: January 6, 2021 By William Settle