Screamin’ Sicilian Stromboli – Video Review – Supremus Maximus (Supreme) & Mother of Meat (Meat Lovers)

I have to admit this, even before I get into the meat of this review, I seriously underestimated Screamin’ Sicilian. When I saw them on the store shelves, I only thought of their frozen Stromboli as something akin to a Hot Pocket, or any other frozen stuffed sandwich for that matter. Boy was I wrong!

In the video below you can watch me indulge in this frozen culinary masterpiece. Beware, I think I’m falling in love in this video!

You see what I mean!? The Screamin’ Sicilian Stromboli where quite simply, AMAZING! There is nothing quite like them out there right now. Even the Hot Pocket, which I love, is playing a completely different game than these things. A completely different sport for that matter.

The difference is all around too. Not only are they bigger than a Hot Pocket, but they also have some of the best ingredients I’ve ever tasted in a frozen sandwich like this. The meat especially is amazing and there’s a ton of it in both of these. They also don’t skimp on the cheese, which makes these taste even more fantastic. Even the crust tastes premium.

All around the Screamin’ Sicilian Stromboli in both the Supremus Maximus (Supreme) & Mother of Meat (Meat Lovers) are an experience that I think everyone should enjoy first hand. They really are too good for words. You’ll be amazed that they are frozen, because even fresh Stromboli I’ve had are not as good as these. Give yourselves a round of applause Screamin’ Sicilian, you really outdid yourself with both of these! How can I stock my entire deep freezer!?

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