White Castle – Castle Bites Video Review (Mini Burger Rolls)

I really love White Castle burgers. That unique onion flavor, paired with those soft buns and perfectly cooked beef that just melts in your mouth, makes me want to squeal like a pig every time I eat one. Sadly, though, the last White Castle location in my area shut down a long time ago. I really miss those tiny burgers.

Luckily, White Castle has the ever-ready frozen burgers on just about every store shelf nowadays. A go-to snack for when I need my burger fix. Naturally, when I saw the new White Castle – Castle Bites, I was intrigued. If they taste anything like the White Castle frozen burgers, I’m in!

In the video below you can watch me indulge in these miniature, White Castle filled creations! I review both the hamburger and cheeseburger versions in the video.

I think the Castle Bites deserve an A for effort. They really have all the qualities you would expect out of a White Castle snack roll, with that signature onion and beef flavor. For the uninitiated though, this flavor might be a bit heavy on the onions.

You see, with a regular White Castle burger, the onion and burger flavors are more balanced with the bun, whereas with these, the burger and onion flavors are very much dominant. The shell is tasty and very reminiscent of the typical White Castle bun (almost cracker like here though), however it is definitely taking a backseat to the very strong onion and burger flavors here.

I personally liked the Castle Bites and would get them again, however keep in mind that I’m a White Castle fan. I love those onion flavors. If I had to choose between these and the frozen burgers though, I’m still going frozen burgers nine times out of ten. The balance of flavors is just a bit better in the actual burgers if you ask me. If you love strong onion flavors though, I could see you really enjoying these. Just remember, I warned you about those onion flavors!

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