Casa Mamita – Queso Stuffed Nachos (Aldi Brand) – Video Review

Einstein…..Galileo……the person who invented the hacky sack to a lesser degree, all great minds. That is undisputed, but what kind of beautiful mind, what kind of genius dreams of putting the cheese dip, inside of the chips?!?!? My kind of genius, that’s who!

Today I feature a product that made me audibly chuckle upon seeing it at my local Aldi, the Queso Stuffed Nachos, from Casa Mamita (They’re an Aldi house brand). You can watch the video of me indulging in this cleverly crafted creation below!

There have been a few pleasant surprises in my time reviewing food on my YouTube channel, but nothing has surprised me quite as much as these. They’re awesome! Really, I mean like totally awesome! I’m surprised I haven’t seen something like these at Taco Bell already, because these are a perfect fit for a Taco Bell, side menu item.

The flavor quite simply is perfect. The queso cheese inside of the chips is the perfect consistency and flavor. There are peppers and onions in that queso as well. Suprising, since this is an Aldi, budget brand, item. The exterior was also perfectly seasoned and covered in a great corn breading. The chip exterior is also nice and crunchy.

It’s a crime these aren’t well known or more commonly found. I told my brother about these and sadly when he went looking for them, they where sold out. Shame! Make these a regular item Aldi! I love these.

Really, if you see them at your local Aldi, pick them up, because you may never see them again!

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