Great Value – Three Meat, Stuffed Crust Pizza Video Review

In terms of store brands, Walmart has had an excellent track record with foods that I’ve enjoyed in the past (Sam’s Choice, Great Value brands). Their Sam’s Choice pizza was especially good last time I had one. This made me not shy away from their new Great Value, Cheese Stuffed Crust – Three Meat Pizza when I saw it in the frozen food isle at my local Walmart. I mean, it’s stuffed crust! I was enticed simply from the box photo. It looked delicious. Naturally I took one home!

In the video below you can see what I thought of this cheese filled, budget creation! Watch the video and see what I thought.

What a delicious pizza. Really, its pretty amazing how tasty this thing was, at a budget price of only about 8 bucks. There is a good amount of tasty, meaty toppings, which are oh-so flavorful. The cheese in the crust was also amazing. Not only was it plentiful, gooey and delicious, but its also proportionate throughout the entire pizza. The sauce they use here also has a bit of sweetness to it, that makes it taste really delicious.

It’s a shame that the pizza was smaller than expected though, because it’s delicious. Honestly, it was almost comically smaller than expected. (The box is for a large pizza and the pizza itself was a only a medium size.) Whoever is doing the packaging should honestly cut down the box size, because I would love to know what I’m buying proportionately.

Still, the price is not bad at all at about $8 and with it being so delicious, I could see myself getting this again. Overall, its a great pizza, just be prepared for a smaller pizza within that big box.

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