Breakfast Hot Pockets Video Review – Bacon, Egg & Cheese – Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Hot Pockets have pretty much every possible flavor combination imaginable. It’s no surprise that they also got into the frozen breakfast game. I mean, the Hot Pocket is pretty much a perfect vehicle for breakfast food anyways. Just fill that croissant crust with breakfast ingredients and call it a day!

As simple as that sounds though, only your taste buds can be the judge to see whether or not a breakfast Hot Pocket can truly be delicious. Watch the video below and see what I thought of Hot Pockets’ take on breakfast.

Not that bad! I definitely had a favorite here though. That bacon, egg & cheese was just amazing. You also get a bit more cheese in that version. The sausage, egg & cheese wasn’t bad though. It actually had larger chunks of sausage compared to the bacon version. Both bring that amazing croissant crust from other Hot Pockets and it works well here. Overall, I would get both again, but I’m definitely leaning heavily towards the bacon, egg & cheese version here. It just had a cheesier flavor and that bacon was just perfect. So, if you have to pick one, get that bacon, egg & cheese!

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