Gino’s East of Chicago – Italian Sausage and Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza Video Review

Is it possible to fall in love with a pizza? Because I have hearts in my eyes for the Gino’s East of Chicago: Sausage & Pepperoni, Chicago style deep dish pizza. It has all the qualities I look for in a pizza, its deep dish, loaded with cheese, has a ton of meat and a super thick topping of sauce. From the box alone, this thing looks perfect! Naturally I picked it up for a review.

In the video below you can watch me indulge in this Chicago style creation. Watch the video below and see what I think!

Boy oh boy! This pie exceeded my expectations, by a mile! Everything about it was perfect. There’s a ton of meat, its super cheesy and topped with a ton of super flavorful sauce. Its a slice of authentic Chicago deep dish as far as I’m concerned. Even better, one that you can find in your local freezer section!

I had no idea that Gino’s East of Chicago was such a popular pizza spot in the Chicago area. I should have been more excited for this, because Gino’s is definitely deserving of its reputation. If only it was more common in my local area of Kansas City. I would eat this stuff every day.

I would say if you find it in your local area, definitely give it a try because this is some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. Pure ecstasy for your taste buds. You really haven’t had deep dish until you’ve had Chicago deep dish and Gino’s East is the frozen Chicago deep dish you never knew you needed. Once it hits your mouth, you’ll understand. Its just amazing. A+ experience through and through.

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