Bremer Angus Beef Patty Cheeseburger Video Review

Who say’s Aldi doesn’t have some good food!? Seriously, I find awesome tasting stuff at Aldi all the time. Sure, its cheaper, but what’s so bad about that? I’ll save money all day eating good food!

That brings me to what I am reviewing today, the Aldi brand (Bremer), Angus Beef Patty Cheeseburgers. These are basically just snack size cheeseburgers, in pita pockets. I love cheeseburgers, so I absolutely picked them up.

In the video below, you can see what I thought of these little burger creations! Check it out and see what I thought!

So after digging into these Aldi cheeseburger bites, they remind me a lot of White Castle sliders, just using pita bread instead of a bun. The cheeseburger flavors are honestly pretty delicious, but I just can’t help but think some onions or mayo would have made these a lot tastier.

All in all, remember these are a budget item. They are cheap and tasty, but do cut a lot of corners by only giving you the basic ingredients (pita, beef patty & cheese). I would say go ahead and check them out, but your going to want to add some of your own toppings.

OK everybody! That about does it for this video review! I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, make sure to subscribe to the GroovySauce YouTube channel! CLICK HERE and subscribe!

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