Taco Bell Breakfast Quesadillas Video Review (Steak, Bacon & Sausage)

A lot of people will tell you that Taco Bell’s glory days have passed, replaced by more artisan fare like Qdoba & Chipotle, I’m not one of those guys. I personally think there’s nothing better at 3 a.m. than a big bag of Taco Bell. It’s cheap and more importantly, delicious. That’s a bit besides the point here though, as today we’re talking about Taco Bell breakfast, their Breakfast Quesadillas to be specific.

Now, Taco bell has been doing breakfast a for a few years now and its a bit funny that I’m just now getting around to this review! In any event, here it is, my video review of all three Taco Bell Quesadillas! (steak, bacon & sausage)

I think this is just proof that quesadillas can work with everything! I think its also proof that Taco Bell, even when doing breakfast is still some of the best food you can get anywhere. (Don’t believe the hype) My favorite breakfast quesadilla out of the bunch here was the bacon, but honestly any version you wanna try is going to taste fantastic (sausage & steak). In every version, those eggs are plentiful and cheesy. The tortillas also pair wonderfully with the breakfast food flavors. This isn’t even mentioning how super cheap these all are too. All in all, the breakfast quesadillas are just a super tasty breakfast food option that won’t hurt your pocket book. Delicious!

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