Freddy’s Steakburger Stacker Video Review

Talk about a classic burger! Today we have a fresh slice of pure Americana, served up with three juicy steak-burger patties and all those classic burger toppings! It’s Freddy’s Steakburger Stacker! It certainly is an extra large burger for an extra large appetite and I gladly accept the challenge. Not only does this thing have three burger patties though, but it also has two types of cheeses and Freddy’s Fry Sauce!

In the video below you can see what I thought of this mammoth of a burger!

That was one tasty experience I will be remembering for a long time coming! Firstly, those steak-burger patties where perfectly grilled, with crispy exteriors and juicy interiors. The cheese was ample and tasty. The most unique thing about this burger though, besides Freddy’s own signature Fry Sauce, was all of those wonderful fresh toppings (lettuce, tomato & pickles). The pickles where especially nice, as they are the extra large kind. So if you love pickles, your going to love this burger.

All in all, this burger was just an amazingly super-sized, classic burger that just about anyone can appreciate. That is of course if you have a really, really big appetite!

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