KFC Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwiches (Spicy & Regular) Video Review

KFC chicken breast has to be one of the best, if not the best fried chicken breast in all fast food. I don’t mean to be overzealous here, but they consistently impress me with their chicken breast creations, whether that be the Double Down or what I’m trying here today, the KFC Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwiches. It’s kind of hard to imagine a world where the Colonel isn’t at the top of his chicken game and these sandwiches prove yet again that the Colonel is a master of fried chicken and in this case, fried chicken sandwiches.

In the video below, you can see what I think of these extra tasty, crispy creations!

See what I mean! Never doubt the Colonel! He always seems to pull through for me. Plus, its just KFC chicken. They got that market pretty much cornered. It’s a real shame though, because between doing this review and posting it here, they discontinued these sandwiches! Hopefully they still have them in your area, because they’re delicious! That chicken breast is just so perfectly crispy and juicy! That’s not even mentioning how huge those chicken breasts themselves where. Truly an amazing experience. I hope they return so I can check them out again!

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