KFC Double Down Review Video!

Its back baby! That’s right, the most ridiculously meaty sandwich you can experience right now is back on the KFC menu! I personally missed the Double Down the first time around, so I pounced on the chance to review this monstrosity of a sandwich!

Below you can see what I thought of this ginormous thing! Check it out!

I actually was super surprised by how much I liked the Double Down. I totally thought it would be too greasy or just too much meat, but boy was I wrong. It hits the spot in so many ways and if you love Kentucky Fried Chicken, this is just the best example of how amazing KFC can really be! I couldn’t recommend it enough. Its juicy, perfectly crispy and pairs surprisingly well with the bacon and cheese. If you know anyone who is hesitant about trying the Double Down, push them into a KFC immediately, because I absolutely loved this one! The Colonel certainly would be proud!

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