KFC Chicken Pot Pie Video Review

Can KFC nail the absolute classic dish, chicken pot pie? Well, KFC certainly knows a thing or two about rib-sticking meals. I mean, they’ve been giving us those classic down home flavors for years. Chicken pot pie seems well within their area of expertise. I mean its chicken for heavens sake! How could they not knock this one out the park?! I have faith in the Colonel my friends!

In the video below, I share my thoughts on Kentucky Fried Chicken’s take on this timeless classic! Watch it and find out what I think!

Workers of KFC, great job on this one! That time in the test kitchen was not all-for-not! Really, I think they nailed this one! No suprise really. They do have a chicken pedigree after all! The super size was really the thing that impressed me most though. If your hungry and a big guy like myself, this should hit the spot.

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