The Official McDonald’s Menu Hack – The Crunchy Double Video Review

So I tried out a menu hack the other day that was officially put out by McDonald’s themselves. It’s so nice to see McDonald’s break out of their comfort zone for a change, since they’ve had a menu that has been pretty much set in stone for years. (With the exception of a few specialty items of coarse) I had to give this effort in creativity a shot, since I do have a food review channel on YouTube and love the idea of McDonald’s letting their freak flag fly. It was my duty to see what they had to offer.

Watch the video below to see what I thought of this mix and match menu hack from the big boss of fast food!

I was really surprised how much I liked the Crunchy Double. That’s not an embellishment either. I actually crave these now. Really, I do! It’s just those nuggets in the sandwich that give it something truly unique. They taste so different from a regular chicken patty and if McDonald’s wanted to put out the official McNugget Sandwich, I would be on board in a second, especially now that I’ve tasted how good they can be in a sandwich. Seriously one of the most surprising items I’ve had all year!

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