Mama Cozzi’s Southwest Chicken Flatbread Video Review

I usually don’t associate Aldi with experimental foods or items you might find in a Trader Joe’s, but they really do have quite a few things that go outside of the usual fare that you might expect of them. This southwest style, BBQ chicken flatbread is one of those items. It combines barbecue chicken with the nice warm spice of jalapenos in a really delicious way. In the video below, you can see me indulge in this spicy BBQ creation. Its really was a pleasant surprise from a place not usually associated with this kind of thing.

See what I mean! That was really something else and if you are a fan of barbecue chicken, or flatbread styles of pizza, I think you might really like it! I think the spice was just perfect here too. Be aware though, its just a bit thin, so if your a big boy like myself, you might want to get two!

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