Screamin’ Sicilian Mother of Meat Pizza Video Review

Are you ready to subject your taste buds to a truly phenomenal meat lovers experience!? You bet your meat craving behind you are! Your in luck my carnivore friend, for Screamin’ Sicilian has outdone themselves with this one, the Mother of Meat frozen pizza. It has huge pieces of Italian sausage, pepperoni, big chunks of actual cooked bacon, pepperoni, ham pieces and an amazing “secret recipe” sauce. Oh yeah, its also awesome in every regard! You can see what I thought of this triumph of a meat lovers pizza below.

As you can probably tell from the video, I’m quite fond of this pizza and I keep it in high praise. My only worry is that Screamin’ Sicilian will for some reason discontinue this heavenly blessing to my taste buds. Please, if your listening Screamin’ Sicilian, I love this pizza. I’m but a simple meat loving 40 year old boy from Missouri and my only joy is eating these wonderful. meaty pizza creations. For the love of all that is holy keep it on the shelves, for it is amazing!

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