Mama Cozzi’s Toasted Ravioli (4 Cheese & Original Beef) Video Review

Who says Aldi doesn’t have awesome food! I think all the doubters and naysayers should give Aldi a second chance, because the stuff that I’m finding there is really not bad, if not pretty awesome overall! Great even!

Speaking of pretty awesome overall are the Mama Cozzi toasted ravioli’s from Aldi! They’re crunchy, filled with your amazing and familiar ravioli fillings and just all around super snackable. The crunch on these things is pretty top knotch as well. That’s due to the amazing breading on the outside here. Its really delicious breading. Check out what I thought of these crunchy little things in the video below!

See! Aldi does have quite a few delicious little tricks up its sleeves. These are just one of them! Really a great, super snackable, extra crunchy appetizer all around!

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