Skee-Ball Machine

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How fun would it be to have your very own skee-ball machine in your game or rec-room? I know I love this game and the idea of having my own makes be giddy with excitement! I used to play this game at my local arcade for hours! What fun it would be to have one of my very own! It’s a tru-to-life, scale skee-ball machine too! Made in the USA! Bring the local, classic arcade to your home with this awesome machine!

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The dimensions are 8'6" length by 2' width by 5'4" high. Standard play field with “hundo” targets. Authentic sounds and ball hop. Quality, home-friendly foam balls. Digital scoring and ball count. 2-Player challenge mode. Arrives partially assembled on single pallet. Runs on batteries or wall outlet. Made in the USA.

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