Programmable LED Rave Whip

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Light up the night and hyptonize all around you in a beautiful array of color. Perfect for whatever rave or festival you may be going to. This whip is capable of displaying 35 vibrant colors, with three brightness levels. It also has five customizable color sets to save your favorite colors. Made with 130+ super bright fibers and powerful LEDs. It also has super high ratings on Amazon. What a wonderful way to bring a whole lot of life to the darkness!

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PROGRAMMABLE LED Fiber Optic Space Whip Remix. 35 Vibrant Colors with 5 Customizable Color Sets to Save your Favorite Colors. (Includes One Single Space Whip Remix) **Assembled and Shipped FROM THE USA** PERFECT FOR DANCING: Great for Raves, Parties, Concerts, Flow Toys, Dance Accessories, Costumes, Light Shows, EDM Music Festivals, and More.

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