Weird Candies on Amazon

Hey everybody! Looking for some weird candies to impress and weird out your friends? I got what your looking for, or more specifically, Amazon has what your looking for! You can find just about whatever candy you want on Amazon and this list just further proves that point. In this list I have a few of my absolute favorite weird candy picks. Check them all out and enjoy!

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Insect Lollipops (Scorpion, Ants, Cricket & Worm)

Lets take a sweet and delicious classic lollipop. An absolutely perfect sweet treat in every way. Now lets just add some bugs! Perfect! They’re sure to impress whoever you spring them on. Just make sure you have enough for the entire class if you wanna pull them out at school. You know how people can get at school get when your stingy with your treats!

Toxic Waste: Ultra Sour Candy

Time to kick your taste buds straight in the jaw! This super sour candy is sure to make you face pucker with joy. That or your face might just melt right off if your not ready. Either way, its a super powerful candy that’s sure to have you making all kinds of faces. It also comes in that super cool toxic waste miniature drum, which is a perfect accessory for any shelf. Check it out if you dare to brave that ultra sour flavor!

Bigfoot Ballz: Sour Crunchewys

Who knew that bigfoot had such scrumptious balls? Sure, they’re sour, but they’re also yummy! All jokes aside, you’ll most definitely want to have a mouthful of them at all times. They’re chewy, but somehow also soft. The best way to describe the flavor is weird and mysterious, just like bigfoot himself! Check them out all you cryptid fans before these candies vanish, not unlike the Bigfoot creature itself.

Bacon Flavored Gumballs

Who doesn’t love it when your kissing someone and surprised by a savory, bacon flavored mouth!? Who needs minty fresh! Not I! Now with bacon flavored gumballs you can keep your kisser bacony fresh without the need to order a Wendy’s Baconator every time you go see your significant other. Modern convenience at its very finest folks!

Gummy Mini Cheeseburgers

Have you ever wondered what a tiny, fruity, little burger would taste like No? Well, I guess these little gummy burgers answer that question, regardless of your lack of interest! Not only do they taste delicious, but they also look amazingly cute. What a perfect candy to hand out at Halloween. I mean, its much more memorable than a plain old candy bar! That’s for certain!

Assorted Kit Kat Flavors (Japanese)

The Japanese take their candy really seriously. Take all the different flavors of Kit-Kat in Japan for instance. They have a ton of flavors that are just not available in the U.S. In this assortment you will get random selections of some pretty weird flavors like: green tea, dark chocolate, raspberry, apple, green tea sakura, hokkaido melon, wasabi and cheesecake strawberry, just to name a few. Sounds pretty awesome actually, especially if your a big candy or Kit-Kat buff!

Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum

These where probably my favorite candies in high school. Everyone had a pocket full. They are so amazingly sour at first, they will make your face change just like the guy on the cover of that sticker. Seriously, they are really that sour. Don’t worry though. They get a lot sweeter at the tail end and actually have a long lasting flavor that you can keep chewing for a really long time. This particular package even has 240 of these awesome individually wrapped candies. Perfect if you also wanna give some out at Halloween, or just have a huge stockpile for yourself!

Individually Wrapped Pickle Candies & Tin

Who doesn’t love the sweet release of succulent pickle brine? You show me one person who hasn’t taken the left over pickle juice and made pickle pops and I’ll show you a liar. All jokes aside though, these should make for a surprising Halloween candy for some lucky kid who loves pickles. If they don’t like pickles, an even better Halloween trick! In any event, check these out, all you sour pickle loving, brine craving maniacs.

Sour Flush Candy

Have you ever looked at a toilet and said, I bet there’s something sweet and delicious in there. No? Of course you haven’t! This candy aims to flip that idea on its proverbial head though. What’s housed inside of these little plastic toilets is super sour and sweet candy. You also get two candy sucker “plungers” to help dig out the candy in the toilet part. Its actually a cute little design that’s sure to impress and weird people out at the same time! Awesome!

Unicorn Poop Candy

What does unicorn poop look like? Is it rainbow colored and delicious? I’d say there is a big chance that that answer is yes. Unicorns are magical after all. If you want to find out for yourself, check out this Unicorn Poop candy. They taste like little magical marshmallows in your mouth, but don’t take my word for it. Taste the magic of Unicorn Poop yourself! Its Magical!!

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