Saint George The Dragon Slayer Statue

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Epic is the only way I can describe this statue. Emblazoned with the phrase “Even though I walk in the shadow of death, I will fear no evil!” This might be the most inspiring pieces of sculpture I’ve ever laid eyes on! Not only that its pretty huge at 10′ tall. If your into crusaders, dragons, angels or all of the above, this seems like the perfect thing for your shelf or mantle.

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This Large Saint George The Dragon Slayer Statue stands at 10" tall, 10.5" long and 6.5" deep approximately. This Large Saint George The Dragon Slayer Statue is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually. Color Tone May Vary. This is a breathtaking depiction of the victorious battle between Saint George and the Plaque Bearing Dragon of the frozen lake. Saint George wields his sword and crucifix spear, delivering a mighty blow that subdued the wretched dragon. After defeating the dragon, Saint George converted and baptized 15000 men later that day. This dramatic sculpture features Saint George with angelic wings, a knight of the cross, trampling a giant dragon. At the sculpture's base is a scriptural inscription that highlights parts of Psalms 23 and in bold it states "I Will Fear No Evil".

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