Interactive Treat Ball

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This treat dispensing dog & cat toy will help your furry friend stay entertained, all while keeping them well fed and increasing their IQ! All they have to do is play around with this ball and is will slowly reward them with a treat! What a wonderful way to keep our little buddies entertained! Good for both cats & dogs!

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SLOWS DOWN FEEDING - When by putting a portion of your dog 's meal in this toy,they will have no choice but to only eat what is dispensed. This hard work is rewarded with food or treats once they come out of the toy. The toy slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating. UNIQUE SHAPE: It is a funny dog forging toy, it can let the dog see, smell, hear it and found the treats inside the toy. It can arise the interest and the appetites of the dogs. Size - 3.9In x 4.6In, fit for Dogs & Cats. EASY TO CLEAN - Tumbler design make it roll in a small area while playing. The dog food won't sprinkled everywhere and easily unscrews to add food or treats, as well as to make cleaning simple. Increases IQ and Mental Stimulation,developing and maintaining the dog's physical alertness, as to fulfill their hunting instincts.

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