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Fans of old school tabletop Dungeons & Dragons and just the fantasy genre in general are people of fabulous taste. Trust me, I should know. Don’t think that just because they are into gaming that somehow their personal tastes are somehow childish or tacky. In fact, some of the most finely crafted goods are catered toward people with a love of Dungeons & Dragons, and not just gaming related products either.

A huge problem is that it can be difficult to shop for fantasy lovers though. Because of this, I have provided a list of some of my favorite Dungeons & Dragons, classic fantasy and Tolkienesque related gifts! These are sure to help you out immensely in your gift giving adventures!

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Lets first start with some of the most wild and eccentric items on the list. These are sure to please those people who are not only fans of D&D, but also people who just love to wear that fantasy love on their sleeve.

Dragon Skull Wall Sculpture

Look at this thing! What better way to show off that your a seasoned adventurer than to show off the smile of this handsome beastie! This is sure to compliment any game room and its a perfect way to tell your players they’re in for a good time. Or a very spooky time. Either way, its the perfect gift for any DM or fantasy enthusiast. I would make sure the spouse is on board though. I’d hate for this handsome fellow to end up stuffed in a closet somewhere!

Dragon Table

Talk about a table with a some personality. There is nothing better to serve hot wings, honey-cakes, dwarven grog or glasses of elf mead upon. There are also a lot of different styles to choose from too, from end tables to coffee tables. The only question is, will it come alive when your not looking and eat up the cheese and sausage plate. I think its safe to say yes, however that is something I think you’ll have to find out on your own!

80 x 60 Gothic Wall Tapestry

These tapestries fill the entire wall and are incredibly detailed. I have one behind me as I’m typing this. (Not this particular one, but from the same company) They come in all sorts of different designs. Enchanted forests, Gothic interiors, horror, space, ambient. Quite simply, they have something for just about everyone. Even better, if your an online gamer, these are excellent backdrops.

Books (Other than Manuals!)

Lets face it, sometimes people just don’t have time to play. That’s not to say that they lost interest in the game though. Its just lying dormant, waiting to be born again. For these times its good to have some reading material, as a sort of egg yoke, feeding you that delicious D&D fantasy that your brain craves, until your gaming life is able to be born again.

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History

Published in 2018, this book takes you on a journey throughout the history of D&D and the fantastic artwork that has accompanied each magical edition, all the way through the most recent 5th edition! Its essentially showing you the evolution of the game in glorious, artistic detail. A perfect accompaniment to a recliner or bedside. This book is also 448 pages, with artwork on nearly every page! I’m getting excited just talking about it! My bookshelf desperately needs this!

How to Draw Fantasy Art and RPG Maps

Fantasy art and map making is a passion in and of itself. I personally used to spend hours, even days crafting the perfect world maps and art for my gaming sessions. Many players do the same thing, making piles of art devoted to their characters and the campaigns that they play in. Why not give your artistically gifted D&D lover a tome covering everything involving fantasy art and maps, from the tools, to the typography and everything else in between. If their reaction is as high as the reviews, I’m sure they’ll be very pleased.


If there are only two things in life that are certain (death & taxes), then I would like to add a third. Everybody needs a shirt. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone walking down the street nude. For this reason, gifts fulfilling this very basic need in a very stylish way are always a good gift idea.

Knit Beard & Beanie

This looks like something Odin’s grandmother would knit him for the holidays. Don’t worry though, those horns are made out of soft yarn. This is sure to give the wearer an added bit of personality during those frigid play sessions, not to mention a ton of laughs. It also comes in grey if this particular color isn’t your forte. Ideal for those cold winters adventuring in the Skyrim highlands. This is also a perfect gift for those with severe cases of beard envy. In any event, its a quick and easy way to set a very jovial, yet fantasy themed tone.

Level 1 Baby Creeper

This is for all of those new parents out there looking to instill some heroism into their newborn champions. Clearly they where born of noble stock and this attire is quite reflective of that. Notice the charisma levels are maxed out there. This particular creeper comes in all sorts of colors. It also has three buttons for easy diaper changing. Not a bad way to introduce your young one to the hobby if I do say so myself!

Wizard Costume

Now, I’m absolutely certain that if your dealing with a D&D player on you gift list, there are going to be some total thespians on that list. If your lucky gift recipient likes taking things at the game table to LARP levels of  renaissance festival acting, perhaps a full scale costume would work out well for them. You don’t have to just go with a wizard costume either. You can find costumes for just about whatever flavor of fantasy role player you can imagine. Just stay away from the limoncello flavored, fishnet centric, necromatic-bard costumes and you should be fine.

Minis,  Paints & Accessories

If your looking for something that is a little more close to the proverbial D&D plate, perhaps traditional gaming minis, dice and paints are the way to go. They certainly are the foundation of any passionate role players collection.

Reaper Bones – Learn to Paint Kit

This is everything you need to get into the craft of mini painting. Sure, you will eventually add to the kit with more robust tools over time, however this is the best starting point your going to find for painting fantasy miniatures. You even get three starter minis in the kit (pictured). I personally have this kit and I can attest to it being a very fine introduction into the realm of minis and paints.

Individual Reaper Minis

So maybe you have a gamer that is already very involved in the crafting side of D&D. Reaper bones minis are the perfect gifts for those individuals. They come in all varieties of heroes and monsters. Best of all, they are much cheaper than their pewter counterparts, making buying them in bulk a very real possibility, without having to break the bank.

Five Star Binder

If you already know the amount of mathematics, paperwork, strategy, tact and so on involved in D&D, then you know that they might as well just call it Algebra II. For that very reason, D&D is very accessory heavy (Pencils, calculators, notebooks, loose papers) and what better way to haul around all of those papers and accessories than in the most premium way possible, a high quality 3 ring binder with lots of storage room. Don’t leave home without it. Or should I say, don’t D&D without it!

Leather Bound Spell-Book

Lets just say you have a player with a taste for the fancier things in life. Maybe they’re known to indulge in an ample amount of table pageantry while they’re sipping red wine out of a goblet they brought for dramatic effect. There is no fancier way to store all their spells than in this leather bound tome. One crafted so well, the spells nestled within will have no chance of escaping and what a terrifying sight that would be indeed.

Premium Gaming Dice

Every true table top player needs a set of dice. Sure, with the advances in phones they might be able to make due with a dice rolling app, however nothing beats the simplicity and ease of  being able to reach out and easily roll a die at a moments notice. Players also loose dice all the time. In the heat of a long Mt. Dew fueled gaming session, its pure chaos. You never know what might happen. Having an extra set of dice is an absolute must.

Tarot Deck

Sure, D&D has been draped in controversy ever since the satanic panic of the 80’s, but I challenge you to find a better magic related prop to help enhance the gaming session. First of all, you can use them to help chaotically shape gaming sessions as a DM. As a player, you can use them when you are given magical card decks in game (Deck of Many Things). Quite simply, these cards are very multi-purpose when it comes to gaming sessions. Not only are they a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a magic world, but they’re also an excellent gaming tool as well.

Thanks for reading everyone. I wish you well in your gift giving journey. Hopefully I have successfully led you towards a more informed gift giving experience. In any event, I hope that you came out of this article with something that you or a friend will cherish for many years to come. Thank you for your time and good day!

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