D&D Costumes & Props to Liven Up Any Game!!!

What’s D&D without the theatrics of role playing?! I personally love it when players really squeeze the personality out of their characters at the game-table. It really makes the game interesting and fun. Sure, you could achieve some top-notch role playing without any props or accessories, but I find that these items really kick things up a notch in terms of the flavor and immersion. Think of these things as the spices you add to the mix of a really great recipe. It just wouldn’t be as flavorful without them. Because of this love, I created this list you see before you today. Check it out and enjoy!

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Weapon Props – Tools of the Trade!

Evil Skull Prop Swordprice-button_medium

Time to strike fear in the hearts of your foes! With this prop sword, it seems like that should be really, really easy! Just look at that awesome looking design. At the hilt, you have a super creepy looking skull design with claws on the cross-guard. If your playing a fighter or warrior of any kind (sans-paladin though, because this baby looks super EVIL!), this should be the perfect accompaniment to your character. Sure, you could just run into the fray unequipped, but this is a sword you can count on to keep all of your enemies at bay. This you can trust!

Snow White & The Huntsman Prop Hatchetprice-button_medium

If your a warrior, sometimes your not looking for a sword. I mean, how typical right? Sometimes your looking for an axe to carve your into your enemies like pumpkins! This prop is the perfect instrument to swing on and chop your foes into mincemeat. The design also doesn’t look cheesy or tacky. It looks like it could cause some real damage! Check it out and get to swinging on those malign hordes!

Latex Foam Battle Hammerprice-button_medium

Crush! Kill! Destroy! Who needs a plan when you got the biggest hammer you can carry! That’s what this prop battle-hammer is all about! Just look at it, it demands respect and its sure to embody that hack and slash type of character your trying to portray. Check it out and pummel your enemies into dust!

Prop Magic Wandprice-button_medium

So hand-to-hand combat is not your thing! I get it. Who wants to lunge into battle and risk letting an axe split your clean in half? What about those people smart enough to stay in the back and launch the mini-missiles to their hearts content? For them, you have this ultra cool looking prop wooden wand. It not only has a super cool looking shape, but it also has a nice leather-like base grip, with some cool charms attached to the end. It definitely is something to help underline your wizard theme with a high level of authenticity. Plus it just looks ultra cool. Check it out and get casting today!

Costumes – Dress the Roll!

Hooded Wizard Cloakprice-button_medium

If anything invokes images of old school fantasy role playing, its the wizard. Naturally your going to have one of these guys at your game table. Why not have him draped with the finest, enchanted linens that money can buy!? This cloak will definitely make you look the part of that dark mystic sorcerer that you’ve always dreamed of. Throw it on and personify that lightning chucking ubermensch like a boss at your next game session.

Knight Costumeprice-button_medium

Anyone dressed to kill, like a crusader knight is sure to roll natural 20’s every time, or at the very least impress the dungeon master and get a few bonus actions! (Just ask, I’m sure they’ll agree!) Why not go all out and get a knights tunic and cape, like those featured here! (Sold separately by the way, I couldn’t find a complete package!! But they’re both listed on the same page) Now all you need are a legion of enemies to charge through and a trusty blade!

Elf Earsprice-button_medium

Nothing is as easy to jump into your Elf character than to put on some elf ears! Just simply slip them on and your an elf! If you really want to kick things up a notch though, you might want to invest in some sort of artisan tunic or dress. These ears are a good start though, if your looking to instantly jump into the skin of your Elven character!

Tiefling Hornsprice-button_medium
Playing a member of the demonic touched race, Tieflings? Don’t worry, these horns will instantly turn you into your 9 Hells touched character, no problem! They’re also pretty hassle free as well, as the horns simply attach to your head via a headband. No need to glue anything to your head. No need to spend an hour attaching any kind of make-up. Simply slip these horns on and BAM, your a Tiefling!

Female Ranger Costumeprice-button_medium

Now, if your looking to tame the beasts at your game table, there’s a definite advantage if your wearing the right attire! For all you female huntress, ranger types, this ranger outfit would be absolutely perfect for you. Nothing says “I’m a protector of these woods” quite like a snazzy outfit. Ask Robin Hood and his Men in Tights! What good is protecting the forest and doing good, if you can’t do it in style!

Props – Fantasy Flavored Accoutrements!

Magic Wizard’s Orbprice-button_medium

What about a nice prop to underline the power within the hands of your party’s mage! Not only does it reinforce the wizard aesthetic though, it also just looks super cool and adds a nice layer of ambiance to any room. Who wants to play in some boring regular room! No way! Add some black-light posters, a little fog and a glowing wizard orb! Believe me, you’ll be rolling thick in that Forgotten Realms, Fey Realms foggy ambiance before you know it!

Medieval Times, Coat of Arms Tankardprice-button_medium

Who wants to drink Mountain Dew out of plain old 2 Liter, like a peasant. No, no! You have to drink your bubbly Mountain brew out of a vessel fit for a king! I also think it just looks super neat. This thing is not only functional, but it also would be perfect for any shelf, mantle or to hold your collection of dice when its not busy holding your grog. If anything, it will provide you with the coolest drinking implement in the room. You can’t argue with that!

Wizard’s Spell Bookprice-button_medium

Now, I’m not saying that you have to have a classy, hand-crafted, leather spell book, but wouldn’t it just make the spells cooler!? I mean, sure you could chuck magic missiles all day long out of your standard Mead notebook, but I assure you, if Elminster had a spell-book, it would be one just like this. Even if your not a wizard, it would be totally rad to chronicle your characters stats and story out of a tome like this. What a wonderful way to track your story, if I do say so myself!

Alright everybody! That does it for my totally fun D&D props list. I loved making this list. Any time I can immerse myself into any kind of Fantasy culture, I’m a kid in a candy store! Thanks for reading everyone & may your quests be won with multiple natural 20’s!

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