Why InboxDollars is the best Survey Site Ever!

If your looking for the best survey site out there, look no further. For serious! The survey website I’m featuring today, InboxDollars.com is my absolute favorite survey site, without a doubt. It has served me well for many, many, many years.

In this article, I will be covering all the fine details as to why I think InboxDollars is so great. Best of all, if you use any of my referral links in this article you can earn $5 just for signing up!!! Use any of the InboxDollars links in the article to capitalize on your free five bucks!


So now, moving on to the reasoning behind my bold claim for InboxDollars being so awesome. Listed below, you’ll see exactly why I have such a deep love for the InboxDollars program. Check it out and be informed!

Paid Surveys

This one is obvious. They offer some of the highest paying surveys out there. Gaining entry to these survey’s is also not that difficult compared to a lot of the other survey sites out there. Most days you can even find surveys here paying a few dollars or more. Easily the best way to make money on the site.

Paid Emails

If doing surveys isn’t your thing, how about reading some emails? Seriously! InboxDollars will pay you to read emails! For each one of their sponsored emails you read, you get paid two cents. They send you about three to five of these emails a day, so it really can add up after a while. Its the easiest money you’ll ever earn.

Paid Search

If you search with the InboxDollars search engine, you can also get paid. The best part about this is that you can have your browser (Google, Firefox ect), set to search with InboxDollars as your default search engine. Its all as simple as searching like you normally do! If your like me, your searching all day, so it can be very easy to max out your earnings here.

Paid Referrals

This might be the most alluring feature of InboxDollars. For every person you get to sign up, not only do you get paid for them participating in the program, but they also get $5 just for signing up! Its a win, win for everybody! If you got a lot of friends on social media, this might be the best move you ever made!


Paid Videos

I bet you watch a ton of videos online every single day. Why not get paid to watch those videos! That’s exactly what InboxDollars will do for all of you video lovers out there. They have all sorts of videos too, from entertainment, news, cooking and so on. Whatever your taste is, they should have something for you to enjoy!

Paid Offers

If you dig kickbacks for shopping, your going to love InboxDollars. Basically they will pay you to shop at the merchants featured in their offers section. Some of the offers are also completely free! Its as simple as signing up and raking in the cash!

Paid to Use Coupons

Do you use coupons? How would you love to get paid to use them? It’s basically making money as you save money. Two birds with one stone, as they say. Not a bad way to make some extra cash by saving money on your household essentials!


Also on the site are numerous games to help you earn while you pass the time. They’re also really fun in their own right, most of them being recreations of beloved classics, like solitaire, mahjong, candy crush and so on. All you gotta do is play and earn!

Tips For Best Earnings

First and foremost, InboxDollars will pay you $5 just for signing up. Even if you grow tired of the program, just singing up and seeing if its right for you will end up getting you paid $5. For those who do want to stay and really earn though, its best to use as many of their options as humanly possible. That way you can cash out quicker and get to spending your money!! My favorite parts of the program are definitely their paid emails and paid referrals, but if you can catch some of those high paying surveys, its super easy money. Trust me, everything here is a nice side hustle to generate something outside of your main revenue stream. It might take a little time to accumulate, but it always pays out consistently.

Alright everybody! That about does it with this article. I hope you find as much fulfillment with InboxDollars as I do. Trust me, it will be paying off in spades if you give it enough time!


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