How I Invest – Video Guide (Platforms, Methods & Strategies – P2P, eREITS & Stocks)

If your looking for some guidance with your personal investments, look no further! For your convenience and viewing pleasure, I have compiled my favorite ways to invest and the strategies I use in the featured video below!

Here you will find my favorite investing websites, the non-traditional investing platforms I use, as well as the more traditional ones too, like day-trading via online brokerages. There are also some personal strategies as well, showing you just how I juggle all of these methods. (Specifically, the methods featured here are: Stocks, Peer-to-Peer Lending and Real Estate eREITS) If your interested in investing and looking for some realistic and sound guidance, your going to love it! Check it out and see how I roll!

(Below the video you can find links for everything mentioned in the video)

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Links & Resources
eREITs (Real Estate Investments)

Peer – to – Peer Investing (P2P Lending)

Online Brokerages (Stock Investing)

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