10 Websites to Make Money Online

So your looking to make some money online? Aren’t we all!? I know I am. Who needs a regular 9 to 5?! I make all of my money online and I can tell you it’s an endless pursuit and a lot more difficult than it appears! You should be ready to juggle a lot of tasks if you want to be successful. Luckily for you, I’ve found a ton of websites that will allow you to make money right from the comfort of your own home. Many of them with little or no time obligations at all!

In this list, I have curated 10 websites that will give you a good start in your money making journey online. I have included several different types of earning websites here as well, just to give you some options and diversity. Check them all out and happy earning!


Inbox Dollars

1. InboxDollarsClickHeretoSignUpButton3

First up on the list is a website that will allow you to make some extra money in your free time. Its no going to bring you the bulk of your income, however it will fill in those gaps when you have a lot of downtime. I absolutely love this platform too, as they have all sorts of ways to earn. Get paid to read emails, search the web, complete offers, use coupons, watch videos and much more. Its all super simple and the best way to get paid to kill time!

slicethepiescam2. SlicethepieClickHeretoSignUpButton3

Who said you can’t listen to music and get paid! That’s what Slicethepie is all about, as well as rating fashion and all sorts of other random things. Its really a mixed bag. The main thing here though by far is rating music. Best of all though is that if your reviews are good and consistent, your pay will actually increase per review! Not a bad way to indulge in a favorite past time and get paid for it, if I do say so myself!

YouTube Logo3. YouTubeClickHeretoSignUpButton3

You would be amazed at what people actually watch on YouTube. People with daily vlogs have viewerships in the millions. You can do just about anything you want (as long as you put some effort into it) and develop a very large and devoted following. I myself do videos on the platform and its actually not that bad in terms of earnings. As long as you research your niche, find something that you love and stick with it, you should be able to rake in the cash. I also recommend you use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find video niches that you would like to pursue that also happen to have good ad revenue too. This way you can actually make some good money for your videos.

ShopifyThumbnail4. ShopifyClickHeretoSignUpButton3

This one is only for the most serious online earners out there. Do you want to own your own online shop? How about selling items online via drop-shipping (having your website sell items that ship from a partner distributor) on Shopify. I’m not going to sugar-coat this though, running your own shop via drop-shipping is a very difficult thing to get off the ground and this is by far the most risky item on this list. If you’ve always wanted to have your own shop and sell things online though, definitely investigate this further. If your into something a bit more stable though, perhaps something else on this list is more your speed.

Microsoft-Logo5. Microsoft RewardsClickHeretoSignUpButton3

How would you like to earn rewards, like Amazon gift cards, for doing something you do every day? With Microsoft Rewards, you can do just that by searching with Microsoft’s Bing search engine! I’m serious! This amazing program has been paying out $5 Amazon cards consistently for me, for years! I mean, if you spend any time at all online, you know-doubt search all the time. Why not get paid for it!

User Testing6. User TestingClickHeretoSignUpButton3

How would you like to earn a cool $10 just for a few minutes, testing an app or website? There’s also absolutely no commitment here either! Take tests when you want and as often as you want, using your computer, tablet or phone. The “tests” are all very simple and easy, usually just asking for your opinions on functionality and design. No experience is necessary. Its the simplest $10 you’ll ever earn!

10 YouGov with Brand Line (Vertical) (transparent)_pp75337176362354315914046387. YouGovClickHeretoSignUpButton3

Like taking paid surveys, but hate when you never qualify for them? If so, I think your going to love YouGov. With YouGov surveys, your ALWAYS qualified! Its all very simple. They also alert you every time they have a survey ready for you via email! Most of the topics here are also very simple (television, politics, shopping). Its all as simple as getting the email and taking the test. Done and done!

TunecoreThumb8. TunecoreClickHeretoSignUpButton3

Got some time on your hands and some musical talent? How about selling some music? Contrary to popular belief, the music industry is not dead, its just a different musical climate now, where everything is digital. Tunecore has everything a modern musician needs to be successful in an all digital world, with distribution to all major digital distribution services, like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and more. They can even content ID someone that uses your music on YouTube and make sure you get paid from it. That’s also just a fraction of the services and tools they offer too. Now that’s a tune I think we can all dance to! Check it out all you music minded entrepreneurs.

amazon-associates-logo-affiliate-network9. Amazon AssociatesClickHeretoSignUpButton3

If writing is more your thing, why not start a blog and try your hand at affiliate marketing? (Driving traffic to partner sales websites, like Amazon) There are also several free platforms that will host your blog for free too, like WordPress and Blogger. Because of this, entry costs into affiliate marketing, like Amazon Associates, is very low. If you can find a niche that you like, you are sure to get the attention of very targeted audiences, ready to click on the products you feature. Amazon also has just about everything under the sun too. If you partner with them, you should have no problem finding something to blog about!

merch-by-amazon-Thumb10. Merch by AmazonClickHeretoSignUpButton3

This is something for the artists out there. Ever wanted to start your own t-shirt company, but just have no money or don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, all you have to do is design your shirts and let Amazon Merch handle the rest. Not only will they print your shirts, but they will also feature them on Amazon too. Its the biggest online retailer in the world, so this is perfect positioning for you, your artwork and your business. Now all you need are some t-shirt ideas!

Alright everyone! That does it for my list! Thanks for reading. I wish you luck in your money making endeavors! I’m sure with a lot of determination and skill, you’ll be raking in the cash! Happy earning and good luck!

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