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If your looking to throw a party, your most definitely going to want some games so your guests don’t get bored. They don’t have to be fancy games either. Heck, sometimes just a plain ol deck of cards will work for most drinking games. Still, if your looking for something a bit fancier, you have plenty of  really awesome options on Amazon. Some of these games are down right ingenious too! They really seem like a blast to play!

Below are ten party game picks that I think will really amp your party up into a really killer shin-dig. Some of them have been tested by yours truly! Check them all out an enjoy!

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Sharper Image Wooden Drink-O-Rama Party Drinking GameTallSmallButton

Here we have the classic plinko game, except here the prizes are drinks. Its the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone, since its a bottle opener too. This is also made by the master of awesome gifts, Sharper Image. The construction here is also solid all around, with the base and back being made of real wood and the opener being made of metal. The bottom also has a lip to catch the caps after each play. Its the perfect way to kick up things a notch at any party without being too pushy!

Wheel of Mis-Fortune – Drinking Board GameTallSmallButton

Have you ever wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune? Yeah? How about the next best thing, the Wheel of Mis-Fortune? In any event, I’m sure you’ll be way to drunk to even tell the difference. Play with up to four, ready to get smashed, players. The wheel has lots of different physical challenges and also commands for each player to drink. This seems like the perfect game for anyone who wants to party hard, just like Pat Sajak!

Prodigal Creative Drink-O-Tron: The Drinking Game of KingsTallSmallButton

Self described as the greatest drinking game of all time (It does have excellent reviews), the game is actually quite simple, that is if you know how to hold your liquor. Simply pick a card and do what it says! (dares, drinks, ect) Easy right? Also the cards look really cool here. Whoever did the design-work really did a fantastic job. That’s besides the point though. This game is guaranteed to get you and your friends smashed. Pure and simple!

Barbuzzo Hammer Shot Drinking GameTallSmallButton

Pour a shot and swing the hammer. If you hit the bell, good for you. If not, do whatever you rose the ball to. This includes varrious stupid human tricks and drinks. Its sure to be quite an interesting novelty for you and your friends to party with. Its just like a circus in your home. Who could resist. Step right up one and all and try your luck at a feat of strength! You, young lady! You wanna get drunk don’t you! Of course you do! Step right up and try your luck!

Drinking Games for People Who Never Drink [Plus 50 Drinking Game Cards]TallSmallButton

Lets just say your a virgin to this whole partying thing. If so, your gonna need a little help. Something to bring you up to speed on what the rest of us heathens have been doing while you’ve been floating around with your halo and angel wings. All jokes aside though, this is a great little starter guide for people who want to learn some party games. It even comes with cards! Your pretty much set! Enough of this! Lets get this party started!

Beer Guzzler HelmetTallSmallButton

Who doesn’t want to be that “life of the party”, total party animal!? I personally would pass on any other kind of social interaction just to buddy up with the king of the party who is wearing this magnificent crown. Also, think about the convenience. Now you can play beer pong, no sweat. Now you can have your hands free for a game of Madden or Mortal Kombat. Who needs hands? Not this guy. Not when I got the super cool Beer Guzzler Helmet!

Original Spin the Shot Drinking GameTallSmallButton

This one is all very simple. You just have a full shot of something awesome in the middle, like a tequila or vodka and you spin the arrow. Whoever the arrow lands on has to take the shot. It can’t get any simpler than that. It’s most definitely something that you can rely on to instantly get people really inebriated. No fancy rules. Not complicated schemes. Just a simple “this landed on you” and now you have to drink. Pure and simple.

DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board GameTallSmallButton

Now, I know I was just praising the simplicity of the last item on this list, but how about a drinking game not unlike Monopoly!? Sure, it sounds complicated, but I know there are some hawks out there that really enjoy making others drink. I also just love the fact that they made little six-pack game pieces. Break this out at your party and just destroy your opponents at your next party! Trust me, they’ll love every minute of it.

Beer Bong with ValveTallSmallButton

Talk about an absolute classic! Who hasn’t been on the business side of one of these babies?! If you haven’t, you really owe it to yourself to try it out. Its like an icy roller-coaster to Partyville. That’s of course if your beer is icy. This particular model even has a valve to make sure you don’t spill any of your precious elixir prior to doing the magic deed of using this wonderful instrument.

Party Tower Drinking GameTallSmallButton

Now this is a really fun game to not only participate in, but also watch. As players take more and more drinks, they obviously get worse and worse at the game. Obviously it doesn’t go well and someone is taking quite a few drinks as the tower falls. Hopefully you have the hand eye coordination and the intestinal fortitude to survive this one, because its a doozy.


Allright everybody! I hope you enjoyed my list and I found some things to help kick off your festivities! Thanks for reading and make sure to bookmark GroovySauce for more fun stuff like this! Thanks for reading again and party on!

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