Pizza Gifts for Pizza People

Lets face it. Pizza is awesome. Some people have chose to accept this fact and embrace it with pride. For these people, showing off their love of pizza is something that is done on a daily basis. Because of this everlasting love, I have compiled a list of some awesome pizza related gifts that are sure to please every pizza loving person in your life. Check them all out below and enjoy the cheesiness!

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Clothing. Unfortunately we all have to wear it. It’s a fact of life. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring though! If fact there are some pretty amazing options out there for us pizza loving aficionados. Check out some of my personal picks below!

Men’s Hawaiian Pizza Print Button Down ShirtTallSmallButton

A proper pizza party calls for a proper pizza party shirt! This snazzy button down, pizza themed Hawaiian shirt seems perfect for the job. Notice how each individual slice of pizza on this Hawaiian shirt is also Hawaiian! (Pineapple pizza for all of you uninitiated types!) Wear this to the party and your sure to reign as the pizza king or queen at your next pizza themed get together!

Pullover Pizza HoodieTallSmallButton

Maybe a Hawaiian shirt isn’t your style. Maybe your more of a relaxed fit, hoodie person. For those people, this super comfortable pizza hoodie might be a good option for you. Notice how the pepperoni pizza pattern is seamless everywhere! It also looks super realistic. Its making me hungry just looking at it. Now all you need is some pizza cologne and you’ll be sure to kick that pizza swagger into overdrive!

Pizza Print T-ShirtTallSmallButton

Due to the fact that summer exists, obviously t-shirts are going to be very appropriate for much of the year. Luckily there are some awesome pizza tees for those looking to strip down into something simple! The pepperoni pattern here is again seamless and as delicious looking as ever! What a wonderful way to showcase your pizza love! Be careful though, someone might try to come up and take a bite outta you!

Pizza Boxer BriefsTallSmallButton

Sure, its one thing to proudly fly the flag of pizza with a shirt, but for those who want to double down on that love, pizza underwear is an absolute must. Think about how hungry your significant other will be once you don’t have your pants on. Think about how surprised, yet invigorated they will be for pizza once you pants are off. If anything, these are sure to bring a smile to any pizza lovers face, that is if you want them to see these at all!

Novelty Pizza SocksTallSmallButton

This might look like a delicious pizza in a box, but I assure you it’s anything but. What you really have here are 6 pairs of pizza socks (4 pairs of topping socks & 2 pairs of crust socks), folded to look like a delicious pizza! The presentation alone here is fantastic and sure to make any pizza fan giggle. It even comes in the pictured box, pushing the joke to pretty epic and cheesy proportions.

Toys & Games

Who says pizza can’t be as much fun as it is delicious! You know it can! Here are a few really fun options aimed directly at pizza lovers. Check them all out below.

Pizza MonopolyTallSmallButton

This blends two loves,  classic board games and the warm deliciousness of pizza. Inside this pizza/game box you will find the familiar game-play of the original Monopoly, now with the exquisite flavor of pizza coloring every aspect of the game, from game pieces to property cards.  Check it out all you pizza loving families, looking to bond over the warm cheesy goodness that is pizza.

6 x 5 ft. Inflatable Pizza Pool FloatTallSmallButton

Who doesn’t love a cool pool inflatable?! I sure do. Its a great way to show off not only how fun you are, but its also a great way to show off your love of amazing deep dish. This inflatable is also nice and big, at 6′ by 5′, so you don’t have to worry about if it will support you. It most definitely is the perfect accessory to any pool/pizza party. Check it out before your next pizza & pool based shin dig!

Putrid Pizza – Grossery Gang Action FigureTallSmallButton

Now this is one awesome looking pizza action figure that brings to life some pretty awesome childhood fantasies of murderous slices of pizza. It genuinely reminds me of something I might draw in grade school. If you love pizza and also coincidentally love shows like Invader Zim or Garbage Pail Kids, this would be a great little action figure for you!

121 Piece Pizza Oven Play-SetTallSmallButton

Here’s something for all the little tikes out there! This pizza based play-set comes with everything your little one needs to be a pretend pizza cook, complete with pizza oven and chefs hat. There are also a ton of pieces within the set, giving this toy a lot of little details that will make for an amazing play-time experience. Check it out if you want to instill that love of pizza early on in your kiddos!

Play-Doh Pizza Party SetTallSmallButton

Here’s another play-set for the little ones that’s sure to please. Contained within this kit is everything your kid needs to make the most delicious pseudo-pizzas your mind can imagine! Specifically, you get molds for toppings, five different colors of Play-Doh, a grater for the cheese, a pizza cutter and much more! It even has a pizza box, so you can serve your creations to your friends! Sounds like a pizza filled, fun time!

Novelties & Decor

Sometimes you need to wave that pizza flag. Just to let people know how awesome it is and how awesome you are! Check out some of these weirder gifts below that allow us to peacock with those amazing pizza colored feathers!

Umbrella Pizza HatTallSmallButton

Whenever I go outside, I never leave without my large and cumbersome pizza umbrella hat. Nothing completes an outfit better. Not only does it remind you of delicious pizza, but if its ever raining, it will keep you dry. Talk about a win win right!? In all seriousness though, this is a perfect joke gift for that pizza fanatic in your life, or maybe that person who just appreciates a nice hat. I’m sure it will be a gift that’s cherished for years, or at the very least a weekend or two

LED Pizza String LightsTallSmallButton

Nothing lightens the mood better than a fun string of party lights! Sure they may be a bit cheesy, but we’re pizza people. We love that stuff! I know if I walked into a room with some of these awesome lights, I would be in the company of some really cool individuals. People that can appreciate a nice warm slice and some cool beverages! Check them out to add some awesome pizza flavor to your digs!

Color Changing – Red to Pizza – Sequin PillowTallSmallButton

Lets say you have a roommate that doesn’t appreciate your love for awesome & delicious pizza. They keep saying its tacky or cheesy to have pillows with a pizza print! Meet the two tone, magic sequin, pizza pillows! Just brush the pillows off when your stuffy, unrefined roommate is away and bingo! Pizza pillows! Who said you can’t have your pizza and eat it too!

Pizza Pendant Friendship NecklaceTallSmallButton

Who needs a sisterhood of traveling pants when you can have a fellowship of the cheesy pie. This little piece of jewelry shows that not only do you have a deep love of the deep dish, but you and your friends also do too. Show it off with pride and let everyone know the awesome love of pizza you and your friends share! Now all you need is some pizza scented essential oil! That would be perfect!

Round Pizza BlanketTallSmallButton

I just wanna be smothered in the hot warmth of pizza all day! Now with this perfectly round pizza blanket you can! Measuring at 59 inches across, there is plenty of blanket here to keep you nice and toasty. It also looks amazing, like the classic pepperoni pizza of your dreams. What a wonderful way to snuggle up after a slice!


Alright everybody! I hope you enjoyed my list as much as I enjoyed writing it! In any event, have a wonderful pizza filled day and make sure to bookmark GroovySauce for more awesome content like this!

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