Ben & Jerry’s Everything But The… Review

Holy cow! Another ice cream review! Say it ain’t so! No….but in all seriousness I’m back with yet another ice cream review! Yippy skippy! This time for the Ben & Jerry’s flavor Everything But The…

So that about sums up the introductions. Lets buckle up and dig into this bad boy!

First Thoughts

So right from the first bite you can taste that chunky peanut buttery goodness! There are real, fun size, peanut butter cups here that taste absolutely amazing. They would give Reese’s a run for their money in a side by side taste test. They are by far the highlight of this ice cream for me. They are just so flavorful in both the chocolate and peanut butter department. The chocolate is even so rich that I get a faint hint of a coffee flavor.


The entire mixture is also super chunky. Nearly half the mixture is a chunk of something fantastic. There are little pieces of chocolate, fudge covered almonds and fudge covered toffee here throughout. You can’t take a bite without crunching into something that makes your taste buds dance with delight. Its a pretty intense experience. The fudge coverings on the almonds and toffee are pretty amazing too, as it kicks up the flavor big time.

The ice cream base notes are also excellent, as you might expect from any of Ben & Jerry’s flavors. Rich and creamy, pure and simple. This is especially true in the chocolate department.

Final Thoughts

Its amazing how many flavors are in this pint. The flavors are just so rich throughout. If you love anything about toffee, peanut butter cups or chocolate, you’ll most definitely fall in love with this flavor.

If I had to sum up this flavor up very simply, It’s most definitely a rich mans rocky road….and that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Its just filled with so many flavors that taste amazing.  I would most definitely pick this up again. It just hits the spot in all the right ways. Big thumbs up here in every category.


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed my review. If you would like more content like this and more, make sure to bookmark GroovySauce! Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day!

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