Banquet Mega Deep Dish – Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese

Here I am again folks! Today I’m reviewing another frozen food item I picked up from my local Walmart’s frozen food section. This time its Banquet’s Mega Deep Dish Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese.

I’m a sucker for these wild new creations, especially when they start adding bacon to anything. I also love pot-pies, so the fact that this is basically bacon macaroni and cheese in a pot-pie shell instantly intrigued me. I had to give it a shot.

Here is what I experienced!

First Thoughts

From the first bite you can tell that the union of pot-pie crust and bacon mac ‘n cheese was a match made in heaven. The crust does an amazing job complimenting the macaroni and cheese and ads a nice flavor profile to your typical bacon mac. The additional crunch from the crust was a nice surprise as well.

If you love bacon, you will most definitely love this. They did a wonderful job making sure the bits of bacon here are very ample. That’s real bacon in there too! Even the sauce has a nice bacon flavor. It really makes the entire macaroni mixture tastes extra savory.Banquet-Mega-Deep-Dish-Bacon-Mac2The macaroni is also really good. It tastes like your typical shells, but maybe a bit thicker, which i actually like quite a bit. I expected something way overcooked here, but the shells actually came out al dente, which is very surprising to me for a frozen macaroni dish like this.

As far as the cheese sauce, as stated previously, the bacon flavor is very strong throughout. The consistency is also a good thickness. Its not too watery. Its also not too thick either. Id say its just about perfect.

I think the portion here was really good too. Just one of these pies was very filling and had me more than satisfied. It really sticks to your ribs, to put it more simply.

Final Thoughts

I actually loved this. Its a perfect “throw it in the microwave” meal for any bacon lover. If you love pot-pies too, this should be perfect for you. It’s most definitely something I could see myself picking up again, especially if I get a hankering for something bacon flavored! Check it out all you bacon aficionados.


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