Buffalo-Style Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese – Banquet Mega Bowls Review

Here I go again with another Banquet Mega Bowl! This time with the Buffalo-Style Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese. I just can’t help myself! They just looked so good on the shelf. I had to pick it up. They also have a ton of protein and I really like that. This particular one has 31 grams! That’s absolutely fantastic for anyone looking for it. So enough with the introductions everybody. Lets dig into this Buffalo-Style Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese Mega Bowl!

First Thoughts

The first thing I noticed about this bowl was how awesome it looks before you even start eating it. There is a lot of noticeable chicken and seasoning in the mac and cheese. It’s almost a shame to stir it! It really looks delicious.


Now onto the first bites!

Now, I have to say, this is some damn good buffalo chicken here. It’s also quite ample throughout the entire mixture. If your looking for protein, this most definitely has it. You can definitely taste the buffalo seasoning too, and it makes the chicken very flavorful.

The macaroni and cheese on the other hand is really not the best. The pasta tastes a bit overcooked. The cheese sauce is also pretty watery. There is some genuine cheese other than the cheese sauce that does make up for this a bit though. I’m sure if you cooked it for a few more minutes and let the water evaporate, it would make a huge difference in the consistency. A little more shredded cheese (other than the sauce) couldn’t hurt either.

Final Thoughts

This is not my favorite “Mega Bowl” from banquet. Its also not the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in the frozen foods department, but it definitely has its flaws. (Specifically the watered down sauce and the overdone tasting pasta) It does have 31 grams of protein and decent tasting buffalo chicken though. So who knows. If your looking for buffalo chicken and a protein packed meal, this might suffice. If not, look elsewhere.

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