Horror Movie Funko Pops

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to be checking out some of my favorite horror movie Funko Pops! I personally love horror movies and like to keep my personal space immersed with various items from some of my favorite horror flicks! I’m sure any one of these little rascals would make for an excellent gift for that horror movie buff on your list! So without any further ado, lets get started with the list!

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Funko Pop: Chucky Vinyl FigureTallSmallButton

This pint sized terror is sure to put a smile on any Child’s Play fans face. He comes equipped with that iconic butcher knife (of course) and that iconic “Good Guy” outfit. Notice the amazing paint job with those awesome cuts and stitches on his face. This good guy holds a special place in my heart and also on my shelf, where he is keeping my bat-girl Pop company. Check it out all you Chucky fans!

Funko Pop: Lost Boys DavidTallSmallButton

The Lost Boys is one of my favorite vampire movies and an excellent horror movie for all ages. Everything about it is simply amazing, from the carnival opening scenes to the sunken vampire hotel set. This David Pop encapsulates that amazing and iconic moment before David turned his noodles to worms. This might be the most memorable moment of the movie and you can own it right here! If your into the Lost Boys or just into this extra awesome scene, you should most definitely get your claws on this awesome vampire Pop!

Funko Pop: Hellraiser III PinheadTallSmallButton

The box. You opened it. We came. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures! Just look at what they’ve done to Pinhead! He’s so evil and cute! For all of you cenobite fans, this is most definitely the Pop your looking for. He has a ton of detail with all those pins and I love that he comes equipped with the puzzle box. Get this little fella for your shelf and open up that portal to hell! You deserve it!

Funko Pop: Masked PredatorTallSmallButton

This might be the most expensive and rare Pop on this list, but if you love The movie Predator like I do, I’m sure you would want to check it out. Seen here in that awesome mask and with his claws ready to eviscerate his prey,  he’s most definitely one cute little guy that is sure to class up any shelf!

Funko Pop: AlienTallSmallButton

How could something so deadly and terrifying be so adorable!? I absolutely love this little monster! It’s simply a perfect Pop recreation of the Alien Xenomorph. Even H.R. Giger himself would have loved this little guy! Just check out that tiny little mouthed tongue. Any alien fan should absolutely love this little baby terror. Alien is also such an iconic movie that just about any horror movie fan should absolutely love this as well.  Check it out today and terrify all the other Pops in your collection!

Funko Pop: Evil Dead Ash WilliamsTallSmallButton

Groovy! Well if it isn’t the patron saint of GroovySauce himself, Ash Williams! Here he is, chainsaw equipped, boom-stick in tow, looking ready to throw down on some deadite scum! If your gonna have some baddies on your shelf, even it up a bit with the ultimate bad-ass, Ash Williams!

Funko Pop: The Shining Jack TorranceTallSmallButton

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Who doesn’t love The Shining! Its arguably Kubrick’s best work and features Jack Nicholson on his absolute A-game. I watch it like three times a year and it never gets old. This particular pose also captures my favorite, and maybe the most intense part of the movie as well. If you’ve got a Kubrick fan on your list or just someone who loves Steven King, this might be the perfect Pop for them!

Funko Pop: Freddy KruegerTallSmallButton

The Springwood Slasher! How did you become so adorable!? Freddy has always been my absolute favorite movie bad-guy. He’s just so bad! Even the later movies where he is all wise-cracks and cheesy one liners. I still love it. They easily where the most entertaining movies of the 80’s. Nothing can touch Dream Warriors! Come at me! If you have a Nightmare on Elm Street fan on your list, who just can’t get enough of this dream invading madman, this most definitely is the Pop your looking for!

Funko Pop: PennywiseTallSmallButton

I am not super into modern horror, however I do think the new Pennywise is really creepy. They did a great job with his new design. This particular Pennywise Pop (There are like three different options right now) I think is the most creepy. Its just a combination of the teeth, spider legs and fire-like hair that combines for the ultimate creep factor. If your looking for the best IT figure, I think this is most definitely the best one available at the moment!

Funko Pop: Gremlins 2 Flashing GremlinTallSmallButton

Now, I know some might be saying that Gremlins 2 is not much of a horror movie, but as a kid it was pretty terrifying. Plus the effects in this movie where amazing! I absolutely loved all the weird and wonderful Gremlin creations! This particular Gremlin is probably the funniest one too, which is why I chose to feature it here. Check it out all you Gremlin lovin fans!


Alright everyone! That does it for this horror movie Funko Pops list! I hope one of this little fellas keeps you and your shelves company! Thanks for reading! I wish you well in your Funko Pop hunting!

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