Funko Pops for Fighting Game Fans

Looking for some super cool fighting game Funko Pops? Of course you are! I myself have been collecting a Pops for a few months now and my fighting game Pops specifically are some of my favorites! I even have the Tekken King and the Mortal Kombat Scorpion from this very list!

Below you will find my absolute favorite Pops that any fighting game fan will most definitely love. They should be absolutely perfect gifts for any fighting game fanatic in your life!

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Funko Pop Games: Mortal Kombat-SubzeroCheck-Price-Button

When your thinking of iconic fighting game characters, its hard not to think of the patron saint of the Mortal Kombat franchise, Subzero. This iconic frosty character is seen here in his iconic Mortal Kombat X costume. (One of my favorites I might ad) If you have a fan who’s really into the Mortal Kombat ninjas, this icy blue boy especially, this would be the figure to spring for. He’s sure to bring that signature Mortal Kombat ass-kickery to whatever shelf he’s on.

Funko Pop Tekken: Devil JinCheck-Price-Button

Here’s another character who’s too cool for school. Devil Jin has to have to most badass costume of all fighting game characters. Notice the details, like the chains around the waist and leg. He’s should be a totally cool addition to any Tekken fans Pop collection.

Funko Pop Games: Mortal Kombat – RaidenCheck-Price-Button

What better way to protect all your other Funko Pops than with Mortal Kombat’s literal god of thunder, Raiden by their side? Seen here in his iconic straw Chinese coolie hat and robes, he looks ready to throw down and as epic as ever. I absolutely love that pose. The only thing missing is real lightning emanating from his thunder-god fingertips!

Funko Pop Games: Mortal Kombat – ScorpionCheck-Price-Button

Now this might be my favorite fighting game character of all time. Everything about him is just so cool, or shall I say hot! Everything from his command over hellfire to his skull faced fatalities are just plain awesome. Not to mention his awesome spear! This is him in his Mortal Kombat X gear, which I think looks fantastic i might ad. In fact, I have this very figure on my shelf as we speak! Thank you to my brother for the awesome birthday gift!

Funko Pop Tekken: King ClassicCheck-Price-Button

This kitty cat faced muscle man is my personal favorite Tekken character! He’s just so brutal in the game, which makes this Funko Pop version of him even more hilarious. Look how cute he is! He’s one step away from Hello Kitty! This is another one I own by the way and he’s currently keeping my Scorpion Funko Pop company. In any event, if you love this feline, Latin luchador and his high flying wrestling antics, this most definitely is the figure for you!

Funko Pop Games: Mortal Combat – KitanaCheck-Price-Button

This might be the perfect figure for my brother, since he kicks my butt as Kitana EVERY SINGE GAME! That’s neither here nor there though. Anyways, look at all the glorious detail they put into this figure! Those fans look exactly like they do in Mortal Kombat X. The costume does as well. If your brother kicks your butt with Kitana like mine does me, perhaps she is the perfect Pop to get them for their birthday or Christmas. I’m know it would make my brother laugh uncontrollably.

Funko Pop: Street Fighter – RyuCheck-Price-Button

Good old Street Fighter. This was the first fighting game I ever played actually. It was Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo. I remember it like it was yesterday. Good Times. Ryu is hands down the most recognizable character in fighting game history (debatably). Any fans of this phenomenal franchise should absolutely love this little fella. If not, feel free to hadouken them right in the face!

Funko Pop: Street Fighter – BlankaCheck-Price-Button

Blanka was always the most fun character to play for me as a kid in Street Fighter. For one, hes a green skinned mutant and drastically different from all the original Street Fighter combatants. He’s also a straight up monster. As a young boy, what’s not to love? Of course I’m picking this green skinned electric werewolf! He can be seen here in his classic pose, on all fours. Now only if they also had a companion pop being electrocuted, that would be just perfect!

Funko Pop: Street Fighter – CammyCheck-Price-Button

Cammy might be my favorite of the new school Street Fighter characters. She certainly has a lot of awesome moves to go with that slick outfit of hers. There are a lot of really cool details in this figure. Notice here braids are all the way down to her feet and that one little strand of hair outside of her beret. She should be an excellent gift for any fan of Street Fighter, especially those who love the newer editions of the game.

Funko Pop: Street Fighter – Chun-LiCheck-Price-Button

Here we have the fan favorite, first lady of the Street fighter franchise, Chun-Li. Veterans of the franchise love her because of her amazing kicks and lighting fast speed. I myself love her because of all of that amazing cosplay she’s inspired! She can be seen here in her classic blue uniform and is sure to be a winner with any well known Street Fighter fan!


Thanks for reading everyone! I wish you well in your Funko Pop hunting! Make sure to bookmark for even more awesomeness and stories!

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