Halo Top Chocolate Light Ice Cream Review

I swear! Halo Top has really been growing on me recently! For light ice cream, they just do such a fantastic job. I think I’ve been trying out too many of their fringe/novelty flavors though. Because of this, I think it’s about time I try out some of their more common flavor offerings, so today I’m going to be reviewing their chocolate flavor. This is what I experienced!

First Thoughts

Remember those old school malt cups with the wooden spoons you get from the ice cream truck? (Blue Bunny Malt Cups, ect.) This tastes just like one of those. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it tastes more malty than milk flavored. I think that’s pretty amazing to be quite honest with you.

Nothing tastes “light” here at all. Usually you get a bit of a chalky taste when you are eating light ice cream, but not here. This is very creamy and has no hint of artificial flavorings. There is even a hint of a dark chocolate flavor here as well. This may be due to the less pronounced sugar amounts, but its still very flavorful none the less.



Final Thoughts

I stand by my claim that this tastes just like an old school malt cup! There might be more of a dark chocolate flavor to this, but otherwise its pretty much the same. I actually love it and it just might be the best “light” chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tasted. If you love Halo Top, no doubt you’ve already had this, but for those who haven’t, do so, its definitely worth checking out!

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