DiGiorno Thin & Crispy Garden Vegetable Pizza Review

Now I’m not a health nut, or even a vegetarian for that matter, but I did like the last spinach and garlic, thin and crispy pizza I had from DiGiorno. So the other day I’m at the store and thought “What the heck! I loved the last pizza from DiGiorno. I think I’ll give the Garden Vegetable variety a shot as well.” This is what I experienced.

First Thoughts

When I took my first bite, I noticed the very juicy vegetables. They are quite ample on this pie. They really stood out to me, especially the tomatoes. The zucchini here was a nice surprise as well. It really worked well with all the other flavors. There is also a very liberal amount of seasoning throughout this pie that adds a lot to the flavor. This is mostly true on the top part of the pizza, but the sauce has a nice bit of seasoning as well.

The only thing here that sort of felt flat to me was the crust. It’s not nearly as bold and flavorful as the spinach and garlic variety in my opinion. Its also not really that bad either. Its just more on the average side, flavor wise.


Final Thoughts

If your a vegetarian or just someone who loves vegetables, I suspect you’ll really like this pizza. Its topped with juicy and flavor vegetables throughout. They even did a great job amplifying the flavor with liberal amounts of seasoning. If your expecting something outside of the norm though, this might not be the pie for you. Its exactly what you would expect it to be, a nice and flavorful vegetable pizza, pure and simple.


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