Halo Top Cookies & Cream – Light Ice Cream Review

I have to admit, I’ve been on a Halo Top ice cream kick lately. They just pack so much protein and are so good for you (calorie wise) in comparison to other types of ice cream. Today, I’m reviewing the Cookies and Cream flavor from Halo Top. If its half as good as their candy bar flavor, I think I’ll be happy. Anyhow, lets get started with the review!

First Thoughts

The first bite reminded me a lot of high quality cookies and cream protein bars. Almost as if they blended them up with some milk and froze it. There is a definite Oreo cream flavor here as well. It overpowers a lot of the other flavors in my personal opinion. While there is a “cookie” flavor here as well, its far less pronounced. I do get a slight sugary aftertaste after the initial cream flavor too. Its not bitter or artificial in any way. Just a bit on the sugary side.


I do have a pretty major complaint here though. Where are the cookies?  The cookie parts seem to be blended way too fine here. Granted, the cookie flavor is there (albeit very less pronounced), but I would have preferred the cookies to be a little bit chunkier, just to give everything some texture and mix up the flavor a bit.

Final Thoughts

I have to be honest here and just say that no, this is not my favorite cookies and cream ice cream. Then again its not that bad either. To me, I just think they made a bad decision not to include cookie chunks. In all honesty, that’s a very minor complaint and really just a personal preference. The ice cream itself is not that bad at all and for a light ice cream, its pretty good. Still, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think I’ll be picking up another pint of this any time soon. At least until they put cookie chunks in it. Its simply just not one of my favorite flavors.



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