Halo Top Candy Bar – Light Ice Cream Review

I love ice cream. I also am unfortunately a bit overweight at the moment. That’s not to say I can’t indulge every now and then though, right? I’m only human! YOLO!

Naturally when I want some ice cream in my current, “chubby” state, I reach for the Halo Top. It seems to be the go-to ice cream brand for today’s health focused consumer. Today I thought I would try their Candy Bar flavor and share it with you all. This is what I experienced!

First Thoughts

As someone who is very used to eating dairy based ice cream,  I immediately recognized the lack of general creaminess to the texture. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, its just a different kind of texture. It almost tastes like they used skim milk instead of cream during the creation process. If you’ve already eaten Halo Top ice cream, you know what I’m talking about.


This does actually taste just like a candy bar though, specifically a snickers. Even the base ice cream part has a nice chocolatey, caramel flavor.  That’s actually where the base of the flavor comes from. The swirls of chocolate and tons of chopped nuts throughout the mixture just make this an amazing experience throughout. The chocolate swirl also tastes very good, like genuine Hershey’s syrup or a creamy fudge. Its hard to believe this is only 360 calories a pint because it tastes so good.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had a lot of light ice cream in the past and I think this might be my favorite flavor out of all of them. It tastes just like an ice cream snickers bar was blended right into the ice cream. There is a lack of dairy here and it is noticeable, but the other flavors make you forget about that quickly. If you see this on the shelf and are curious, give it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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