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Generating any kind of real money online can be quite a daunting task. Lots of websites claim that you can make easy money online, however most of those places never tell you just how long and tedious making money on those platforms truly can be.

That’s not to say that there are no places online that offer legitimate and consistent means of income though! In fact there are several! In this article I showcase a few of my absolute favorites that your sure to love. Each one of them allow you to check in when you want and make a few extra bucks at your leisure. Check out the list below and happy earning! You can’t go wrong!


Inbox DollarsInboxDollars.comClickHeretoSignUpButton3

This is my absolute favorite casual earning website. Earning here is just so easy! On the platform you will find tons of ways to make money. Specifically, these ways are: videos, paid emails, paid offers, paid search and much more. There are simply so many awesome ways for you to get paid to pass the time here. I personally love the paid emails from InboxDollars, as you get a few of them every day and they each pay 2 cents. If you love casual ways to make money, this is a perfect way to do it!


10 YouGov with Brand Line (Vertical) (transparent)_pp7533717636235431591404638YouGov.comClickHeretoSignUpButton3

The main problem I have with online earning platforms is the constant inability to access high paying surveys. That’s never a problem with YouGov, as every survey that they send you, you have instant access to. Just do the survey and get paid! It’s that simple. Surveys here range from fast food topics to political polls. You will be sent an email every time they you have an available survey. It’s all super simple and easy!



For all of you music lovers out there, this is the platform for you! You get paid to rate and review music! You can also review other things, like shoes and other pieces of fashion. The best thing about slicethepie though is that the more you review on the platform, the more you can get paid! All of you music buffs out there check this one out. Its simply a great way to make a few bucks just to listen to some tunes.



Microsoft RewardsClickHeretoSignUpButton3

Here’s a program for just about anyone. It’s all super simple. Use Bing as your search engine and earn rewards, like Amazon and Starbucks gift cards. There are also user polls every day if you want to earn points even faster. I earn about one $5 card every month just for searching like normal. Its the easiest passive income you’ll ever make!


User TestingUserTesting.comClickHeretoSignUpButton3

Sometimes, your looking for more than just a few dollars or some change. For those people looking to work a quick hour and get paid with no further commitments, this is exactly what your looking for. Rate websites, phone apps and more for a cool $10 each. Each test takes about an hour. You will have to qualify for each task, but luckily there are many tasks posted on most days. Check it out and start earning!


5b62b4175969568569f6e6ab_usercrowd UserCrowd.comClickHeretoSignUpButton3

Usercrowd is an amazing little survey site that takes almost no time and effort on your end. Just keep the site open in one of your tabs and wait for the new survey chime. Each survey only takes a few seconds and they each pay ten cents a piece. Now that might not sound like much, but when you consider that you can get a dozen or so within a day, it really starts to pile up. I always found them to be a great way to break up the day to day monotony as well! If your a blogger, or self employed, this is a perfect way to compliment your main hustle!



Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go for your side income. With Crowdtap, your never denied entry into their quick and easy surveys. Lots of very well known companies like Tide and Kraft use Crowdtap for product surveys, so it seems very legitimate. Payment here is in the form of Amazon gift cards, but that might as well be cold hard cash to me! (I shop on Amazon a LOT) If your really into consumer products, this is a very good option for you!



Last up on this list is another survey and offers website. You also have videos, paid emails, games and coupons here. The surveys are a bit tricky to get into here, but the payout is very good. Payment here is done by gift cards, however they also have generic Visa gift cards if you don’t want a specific store card.


Alright everyone! That about does it for this list! I hope it serves you well as it has done for me. I still use all of them and make a nice chunk of change every month. Make sure to bookmark for more online earning goodness and much more! Thanks for reading everyone and happy earning!

*Some of the links provided on this page are affiliate links.

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