Cool T-Shirt Picks From Around the Net – Vol. 1

Hey everybody! Welcome to a brand new reoccurring feature here on GroovySauce, where I feature 10 of my favorite t-shirt picks from around the internet. This is going to be a monthly thing, so if you like my round-up here, make sure to keep us bookmarked for more awesome picks!

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The Massacre Machine Tee from TeePublic

TheMassacreMachineprice-button_mediumThis is one that I love for obvious reasons. It’s got my favorite 80’s slashers and Scoobie-Doo. I love how the whole gang is present. I’d say this perfectly sums up my personality in a shirt. Also, who knew Jason could drive this whole time?!


Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives: Escape From Flavortown T-Shirt from TeePublic


price-button_mediumWho doesn’t love them some good ol’ Guy Fieri?! I know I do. He not only has an awesome show and goatee, but he also writes some awesome cookbooks for all you adventurous cooks out there. I also love D&D, so naturally this tickled my fancy the very first second I saw it. Needless to say, this is a great gift for any foodie and dice rolling enthusiast.


X-Men Wolverine Vs Omega Red Men’s T-Shirt from Amazon


price-button_mediumFirst of all, I own this shirt. Second of all, yes its really as bad-ass as it looks. This was a cover from the glory days of X-Men comics and I gotta say, it makes for a fantastic shirt. I get compliments on it all the time. If your looking for a good convention shirt. I think you just found it. Best money I ever spent!


The Price is Wrong Bitch from BustedTees


price-button_mediumFirst of all, if you don’t know this reference I don’t know if we can be friends! No, I’m kidding, but in all serious this is one shirt sure to make your buddies laugh as much as I did when I first saw Bob Barker kick Adam Sandler’s ass.


A&E Designs Nightmare On Elm Street Shirt Freddy Silhouette Heather T-Shirt from Amazon


price-button_mediumHere is another one for all you Slasher movie fans, featuring my personal favorite murderer, Freddy Kruger. I love how the design is all over the shirt and not just isolated to one specific area. This is no doubt a Nightmare on Elm Street fans nightmare come true.


Here’s Pineapple! T-Shirt from TeePublic


price-button_mediumNow I’m a firm believer that pineapple most certainly can go on pizza, but this is so funny I couldn’t resit putting it here. I envision this is how pizza elitists who condemn pineapple look at the entire pineapple/no pineapple situation. Well I got something to say all you pizza elitists. Pineapple is delicious on pizza. Case closed!


Let’s Summon Demons T-Shirt from TeePublic


price-button_mediumThis shirt really takes me back! The good ol’ days, summoning demons with all your friends. All kidding aside though, I think that this is truly a funny shirt. People who grew up during the late 80’s “Satanic Panic” should especially get a kick out of this too, since its illustrated in that signature 80’s style.


River Bottom Nightmare Band T-Shirt from TeePublic


price-button_mediumFor all of you lucky enough to remember when all Chuck E. Cheese’s and ShowBiz Pizza’s had animatronic bands, your probably getting a kick out of this shirt. I love how awesome the lettering and the illustration here is as well. Something tells me these guys play a mean Smoke on the Water!


Deadpool Riding a Unicorn T-Shirt From TeePublic


price-button_mediumDeadpool just might be my favorite movie from Marvel. Blade is high up there too. That being said, you can understand why I have a soft spot for this foul mouthed, wise-cracking, unstoppable murder machine. If your a fan of the movie as well, I’m sure your absolutely in love with this shirt.


Second Is the Best T-Shirt from BustedTees



price-button_mediumAnyone who plays Mario Cart knows what this is all about. This unstoppable and aggravating monster of a shell has been the bane of every racer in the game at some point. Better to remind your friends that just because your in the lead, doesn’t necessarily mean your going to win!

Alright everyone! I hope you enjoyed this list! Bookmark for more t-shirt lists and other fine articles!

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