Essential Travel Gear Accessories

If your planning a big trip soon, you can save yourself a lot of headaches if you just plan ahead. In the military while traveling, I learned that if you have right equipment, your life will me much easier. If you don’t, its always a total disaster. This sentiment rings just as true in every aspect of everyday travel.

Because of this love of being travel ready, I made this list of 15 essential travel accessories that will undoubtedly make your trips much smoother. Each one has helped me out immensely while traveling abroad and I’m absolutely certain they’ll help you out just as much. So without any further ado, on to the list!

Neck Wallet & Passport HolderCheck-Price-ButtonHow are you going to loose all of your precious travel itinerary and identification documents if their firmly around your neck? That’s the beauty of these neck wallets. They are large enough to store a personal wallet with room to spare. Keep your maps, tickets, passports and more there for safe keeping. Never worry about things falling out of your pockets again. No lie, these have been a lifesaver more times than I can count.

Leatherman Squirt, PS4 MultitoolCheck-Price-ButtonJust because your not home doesn’t mean your not going to need your tools. In fact, you may find that when out and about, you run into scenarios where having some sort of knife, scissors or a screwdriver is absolutely necessary. This particular tool is only the size of a key-chain and the headaches you’ll avoid because of it are ten times that size. Believe me, having one of these on you at all times will save you a lot of frustration. Just remember to store it in your checked bags at the airport.

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket ToolCheck-Price-ButtonOk, so maybe a Leatherman isn’t your style, your still mostly likely going to need some tools on your trip though. How about this credit card sized collection of tools you can easily store in your wallet? In this compact blue case you have scissors, tweezers, a pen, a screwdriver and a few other handy tools. Not a bad little ergonomic way to carry all the tools you would ever need.

Hidden Money Pocket Travel Leather BeltCheck-Price-ButtonLets face it. In a lot of travel destinations, there are thieves specifically targeting tourists just like you. Don’t let them run away with all of your money and belongings. With this secret pocket travel belt, you can at least store some money in the event that your mugged. That way your not stuck in a far away location without any kind of money to get you back to safety.

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof 3″x5″ Notebook, Cover & PenCheck-Price-ButtonI always find it handy to have a notepad with me, especially in a new location. Times, destinations, phone numbers and so on can be rattled off at a moments notice. Its just super easy just to have a physical pen to jot everything down. The best part about this notepad though is that its weatherproof. This means rain or shine, you’ll never loose any of your valuable information.

Polarized UV400 Classic Style SunglassesCheck-Price-ButtonIf your traveling, no doubt your going to be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. With that comes sun caused eye strain that can be a literal headache. Protect yourself with a pair of your favorite shades. Not only will you be stylish, but you’ll also save yourself a considerable amount of money spent on Tylenol. You might also want to get a retainer strap as well, just to ensure your shades never go missing.

Anti-Theft, USB & Headphone Port Travel BackpackCheck-Price-ButtonNow when your on the go, your no doubt going to need a handy go-bag just to have with you at all times. Something simply filled with your travel essentials. For most people that includes your phone and other electronic devices. Luckily there are bags like this one, designed with the techie in mind. You can easily integrate your own power bank with it and easily charge your devices while on the go. It also has a combination lock for security. Its also quite stylish if I do say so myself.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Real Time GPS TrackersCheck-Price-ButtonLets just say that someone did happen to steal your bag or purse while on vacation. Well, thanks to these mini, true GPS trackers, you can find them wherever they are in the world within 15 feet accuracy. Just pop them into your bags and bingo. No activation fees. No cancellation fees. Turn on the service whenever you like for just a small fee. Check out the details here. They are truly a lifesaver!

Memory Foam Neck PillowCheck-Price-ButtonWho said traveling had to be uncomfortable? With this neck pillow you will be asleep on the flight in no time. Its designed to stay on your neck and keep your head perfectly supported. Throw in a sleeping mask just for good measure and you’ll be having sweet dreams in no time.

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel, 1 Fl ozCheck-Price-ButtonAs I’m sure your already well aware, traveling is one of the most common times your chances of getting sick are exponentially increased. Because of this, it’s very smart for you to be prepared. These travel sized Purell bottles will make sure you have some hand sanitizer whenever your stuck in a plane with sick passengers or using that port-a-potty at a festival. They are also super small and pocket friendly so you can take them anywhere. Pack a few and stay healthy!

Otium Wireless, Bluetooth HeadphonesCheck-Price-ButtonWhat’s a trip without some music to keep you relaxed? I don’t know about you but I don’t travel well without my music. I’m sure this sentiment rings true with a lot of you as well. For this reason, its always handy to pack a pair of headphones. These particular headphones are Bluetooth, meaning you won’t be fumbling around with a chord. Perfect for any travel scenario you might have.

Disposable Foam EarplugsCheck-Price-ButtonNot every situation is a good one for headphones or music. Sometimes absolute silence is what you need. Think about it. Your on the airplane. Your row-mate won’t quit talking. You need some rest and because of that, these little foam earplugs will come and save the day. You’ll be amazed at how well they work and how comfortable they are. Throw a couple in your carry-on and bask in that wonderful silence.

Multiple Compartment Hygiene BagCheck-Price-ButtonAfter years of traveling in the military, I can tell you one thing, having a hygiene bag like this one is an absolute lifesaver. No more rummaging around in bags trying to find soap, toothpaste or nail clippers. No more dumping out backpacks just to find one travel sized bottle of shampoo. These will keep everything nice and organized. Perfect for any travel situation you might have.

Military Grade Rain PanchoCheck-Price-ButtonUmbrellas are so bulky and cumbersome. Panchos on the other hand can be rolled up into a tight little ball and stuffed into a backpack pocket for emergencies. No doubt you’ll run into a situation in your travels where you’ll get rained on and you should be prepared. This is a space efficient way to ensure you’ll stay dry under any circumstances. Pack one for the whole family and stay dry!

Pulomi Easy Trans Smart Language Pocket TranslatorCheck-Price-ButtonSure, you could just try using a phone app translator on your travels, however the convenience of a dedicated pocket translator like this one can’t be understated. Just press the button, speak and the device will translate whatever is said in 52 languages. Check it out if your looking for an easy way to communicate with anyone in a foreign land.


That about does it everybody! I hope this list gave you some good ideas of what to bring with you on your travels! In any event, have a good trip and make lots of pleasant memories!

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