Best Fantasy Posters, Decor & Tapestries on Amazon

If your looking to turn your room into the perfect Dungeons & Dragons or some other magically enchanted paradise, you have a lot of options. Luckily you also have Amazon as one central location to find all of these items. A metaphorical “bag of holding” so to speak, full of everything your wildest imagination could ever want.

Within this article, I have chosen some of my absolute favorite fantasy posters, tapestries and general decor items that should give your room that fantasy feel your looking for. So without any further ado, lets get started with the list!

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Posters of Magical Enchantment!

Castle Conquered by A Dragon Poster & Hanger (36 in x 24 in)Check-Price-ButtonThis has to be the most badass poster on Amazon right now! I absolutely love it. That dragon just looks so cool and the placement of it on top of a castle just makes it look even cooler. This most definitely would make for a perfect backdrop behind any gaming table.

Dragon’s Dream Poster (36 in x 24 in)Check-Price-ButtonHere is something for you pixie and fairly lovers out there, but you dragon lovers don’t have to feel left out because you have a dragon in there too! I absolutely love the color in the fairy wings. In any event, this looks like Tolkienesque high fantasy at its very finest.

The Destroyer Poster by Frank Frazetta (24 in x 36 in)Check-Price-ButtonThis poster is for those who have a love for the high adventures of Conan and the Hyborian Age. Its painted by the Legendary Frank Frazetta. He has a ton of other posters and prints just like this one you can find on Amazon, so if this particular poster suits your fancy, I’m sure you’ll find lots of other options that also are to your taste. In any event, if your looking for some barbarian-centric combat motifs, Frank Frazetta most definitely is who your looking for.

Glimpse of A Unicorn On A Misty Clearing Poster by Anne Stokes & Hanger (24 in x 36 in)Check-Price-ButtonHere is a classic fantasy image that’s been around as long as the fantasy genre has, the unicorn in the misty clearing! I personally love the movie Legend too, which was an absolute fantasy classic, so this image seems very appropriate here. It also is just a beautiful painting in and of itself, so give it a closer look if you have the chance. Also, just a side note, it also comes with hangers for easy installing.

Swords of Mars Poster by Frank Frazetta (24 in x 36 in)Check-Price-ButtonHere we have another classic by Frank Frazetta! (I couldn’t help myself!) He just does such amazingly detailed and realistic looking character work. Check out all that realistic flesh and muscle tone. The backgrounds also have such an magical quality to them as well. It’s just the way he makes everything look so surreal in his backgrounds which is such a great contrast to his very realistic central figures. In any event, this is another good one for you axe wielding maniacs out there.

Dungeons and Dragons, Rise of Tiamat Poster (22.375 in x 34 in)Check-Price-ButtonNow seeing as this is a fantasy lovers list, I’m absolutely certain there are some D&D lovers out there too. For you I have my absolute favorite D&D poster of Tiamat, dragon queen! She really looks amazing here and I’m sure she’d look just as amazing on your wall! Check it out and keep those D20’s rollin!

The “Dragons Den” Decor Items

Veronese Design Fairy Wishing Well LED Light-Up Fountain SculptureCheck-Price-Button This fountain is a fairy lovers dream come true. Its about 9 inches high and 5.25 inches wide. This pseudo-fountain also lights up with that wonderful indigo light.  I could see this potentially on a shelf, next to my D&D books and figures. In any event, I’m sure it would make for a wonderful night light, or bookend for any lover of the fairy realm.

Dragon’s Castle Lair Electric Wall Sconce Light Fixture by Design ToscanoCheck-Price-ButtonThis might be the most Medieval / Gothic / D&D piece of decor I’ve ever seen. If you want your game room to have the most epic level of fantasy ambiance ever, this is a great way to do it. The light is fifteen inches high and 6 inches deep, so you are definitely going to want a bit of room for it. Still, if your building a game room, this might be the critical hit your looking for. I’m sure it would really tie the room together.

Dragon Bookends by Design ToscanoCheck-Price-ButtonHere we have a couple of very cute and practical little dragon bookend sculptures. These might be my absolute favorites on this list due to the practicality. I have a ton of books and am looking for some bookends to help make them more organized. These seem absolutely perfect. They’re 8 in high, 4 in wide and 5 in deep.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these little rascals, they’re just so adorable.

Dragon HourglassCheck-Price-ButtonIf your looking to instill some Merlin-esque magical themes into your environment, props like this dragon hourglass are a perfect way to do it. I can just see it now, placed on a wizards desk, next to other magical items and ingredients. I’m sure it would also make for a great mantle or bookshelf item as well. It just has so much character, people will no doubt be asking about it. In any event, check it out. I’m sure it would be a wonderful compliment to any room for any fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast.

Fairy Sitting on Mushroom StatueCheck-Price-ButtonHere’s another one for your fairy and pixie lovers. This 6.25 tall figurine is a beautiful way to share your love of the fantasy genre and fairy creatures. It’s got some great little details too, like that little snail hanging out on the back of the mushroom and those amazingly detailed painted wings. The painting all around is actually really good for that matter. If you love fantasy figurines and fairies in general, this is most definitely a great looking figure that would make any mantle, table or bookshelf look enchanted.

Dragon & Castle Electric Oil WarmerCheck-Price-ButtonSome people want something more than just a simple statue. Some form or function to the statue would make it much more interesting. That’s what this dragon & castle oil warmer is all about. Not only does it light up and look cool, but you can warm your fragrance oil in it and make your rooms smell like dragons blood or enchanted forest essential oils. (highly recommended by the way). What a great way to add form to function!

Tapestries of Wizardly Charms

Enchanted Mushroom glade, Trippy Wall Tapestry (47 in x 31.5 in)Check-Price-ButtonHere we have a fabric tapestry that will not only fill your entire wall, but it will instantly add a lot of very fantastic ambiance as well. The image featured here looks like a fairy paradise. Check it out all you fairly lovers out there.

Dragon Tapestry (60 in x 40 in)Check-Price-ButtonThis is one huge tapestry that should instantly change the mood of the room. It even comes in a larger 80 in x 60 in if you want it even bigger. I personally love how dark and evil this dragon looks. What a wonderfully evil way to fill an entire wall! If your a dungeon Master who wants to send a message to your players, have this hanging behind you. I think your players will get the point!

Pegasus Tapestry (71 in x 60 in)Check-Price-ButtonHere’s something for you more sensitive fantasy lovers, featuring the Pegasus and a beautiful landscape with mountains, a meadow and a lake. It’s also huge, so it can instantly change the mood of the entire room. I absolutely love the very soft color tones throughout and the seemingly purple photo filter. It all seems like a vivid dream. Anyone who’s into light fantasy should absolutely love this.

Enchanted Forest Tapestry (51 in x 59 in)Check-Price-ButtonThis tapestry is a little more subtle than the more in your face ones featured previously. It’s more of a subtle way to communicate a sort of enchanted ambiance. I absolutely love the glowing orange (what seems to be) fruit in the central tree. It all comes off as very magical. Check this out if you want something a bit less in your face, yet equally magical to compliment your room.

Wizard Library Tapestry (71 in x 60 in)Check-Price-ButtonThis is something for all of you wizards and magic users out there! Just look at this mysterious library with that glowing orb as its centerpiece, emanating some no doubt ancient magic. This is just a very cool scene and something that would set a very fantastic and magic mood in whatever room you have it displayed. Check it out all of you pointy hatted, Merlin loving magicians out there!

Thunderstorm Galaxy Tapestry (60 in x 40 in)Check-Price-ButtonThis is another ambiance type of tapestry. It just brings up thoughts of magic beyond comprehension and powers that ought not to be tampered with. This is another one you magical lovers should appreciate. Check it out if you want to invoke powers beyond your wildest imagination!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope I gave you some good ideas here! All of them hold a very special place in my heart and I hope they serve you well too! In any event, have a wonderful day and keep that fantasy spirit alive!

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