The Best Female Superhero Statues on Amazon

If you’re looking for awesome female superhero figures, you have come to the right place! I love everything comic books and I have searched the deepest depths and farthest corners of Amazon to bring you my top 10 picks for superheroine statues on the site. So without any further ado, lets get started with the list!

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Kotobukiya DC Comics Supergirl Returns Bishoujo Statue Action FigureCheck-Price-ButtonThis figure perfectly captures that classic Supergirl look. Everything from the pose all the way to the S-symbol base is perfect in my own humble opinion. Even the paint job looks amazing here, with its very bright tones and excellent shadows. Even the windswept hair, skirt and cape are expertly done from every angle. Whoever sculpted this figure should certainly be very proud of themselves because it looks absolutely beautiful.

Kotobukiya Marvel Comics She-Hulk Bishoujo StatueCheck-Price-ButtonWho’s the super-heroine most likely to be a spokesperson for L.A. fitness? I think you’re looking at her. She’s in such an amazing pose right here. The sculpt is also so amazingly detailed. Check out the cloth effects in her shirt and her high-top sneakers. That’s not even mentioning the amazing amount of detail in her muscles. Clearly this is a must have for any She-Hulk fan.

Kotobukiya DC Comics Power Girl 2nd Edition Bishoujo Collectible StatueCheck-Price-ButtonWhat’s not to love about this Power Girl figure? There is an amazing level of detail in this amazingly sculpted statue. I also really love the pose and the folds in the cape. The paint job here again is really amazing. This might be due in part to the very bold color scheme of Power Girl’s costume, but it still stands out very well here none-the-less. In any event, this figure is sure to be a very fine addition to anyone’s 9 inch figure collection.

Kotobukiya Marvel X Bishoujo Collection: Ms. Marvel StatueCheck-Price-ButtonThis might be the most expensive figure on this list but that doesn’t mean I can’t at least show it off! It truly is a thing of beauty. Everything from the pose all the way to that cool energy coming from her hands, all looks amazing. I think it goes without being said that the paint job here is also superb, as are all the figures from Kotobukiya. Still, this is just an amazing all around figure that I would love to own. It’s a shame I would have to break the bank to do it!

Kotobukiya Marvel: Female Thor Bishoujo StatueCheck-Price-ButtonFemale Thor looks like a majestic eagle here perched atop mountain. I really dig it. This is a really iconic pose too, reminiscent of her male counterpart, making her look über epic. From every angle everything here looks absolutely perfect. I especially love all the flowing parts (cape, fabric & hair). Just a side note, you can take off her helmet too, just in case you wanna vary things up a bit.

Kotobukiya Marvel Storm Bishoujo StatueCheck-Price-ButtonStorm has always been one of my favorite comic book characters ever since the 90’s. Ororo looks beautiful here too. I love the weather effects around her hands and feet. Notice her wonderfully nostalgic costume as well. It goes without being said that Kotobukiya did an amazing job on the sculpt itself and the paint job. If I did have to pick one of these figures for my collection, this beautiful lady might just be the one I’d get. The price is a little bit steep at the moment though, so perhaps I better wait a few months on this one. Still, it is one of my absolute favorites at the moment.

Kotobukiya DC Comics Wonder Girl Bishoujo StatueCheck-Price-ButtonNow here’s a look for Wonder Girl that I can get behind! The blue jeans and tank top look is just perfect for her. Points for bell bottoms as well. She almost looks like she needs a cowboy hat and some spurs. The sculpt itself is another home run by Kotobukiya. Notice all of the wonderful cloth folds and paint work on the jeans. If you’re looking for a super sultry, lasso toting heroine to keep your other nine-inch figures company, this most definitely seems like a good option for you.

Kotobukiya DC Comics Harley Quinn Bishoujo Statue (New 52 Version)Check-Price-ButtonHere we have fan favorite Harley Quinn. I have to admit, I have a bit of a fondness for her as well. This particular costume looks amazing on her. I love the blue and red symmetry going on here. The thigh high socks have these pinstripes too, which is just an amazing attention to detail. Notice the ammunition filled belt and neck ruffle. This figure is also surprisingly cheap, so check it out if your on a budget.

Kotobukiya Marvel Spider Woman Bishoujo Action FigureCheck-Price-ButtonSpider Woman looks great here. I love the classic “Spider-Crouch” pose. The suit is also super shiny all around. Notice the webbing under the arm. So much detail is had here in the hair and the physique. I personally love this figure. I’m sure it would make for a wonderful addition to my mantle!

Kotobukiya DC Comics Huntress Bishoujo StatueCheck-Price-ButtonThis has to be my favorite DC statue on this list. That gargoyle she’s got her boot on really sold it for me. There’s a lot of great wind going on in the cape and hair here as well. I love everything about this pose too. Every element looks fantastic. I really gotta hand it to those people at Kotobukiya. They really do fantastic work!


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you found what you’re looking for today! I personally have a few things on my wish list now that I can’t wait to buy at some point! In any event, have a nice day and EXCELSIOR!

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