10 Awesome Comfort Food Cookbooks

Everyday life can be tough. Sometimes I just need a good kick to get me back and running again. Nothing gets me motivated faster than when I’m fork deep in my favorite comfort foods. Because of this, I felt like I might share some of my favorite cookbooks on the subject. Each one is sure to brighten up your day and leave you more than satisfied. Enjoy and bon appetite!

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Comfort Food by Rick RodgersCheck-Price-ButtonStarting things off here is a cookbook that’s the namesake of this article. It most certainly earns that title as well, as it is stuffed with over 100 classic comfort food recipes that are sure to please. The book is also quite beautiful and expertly designed. You could most defintely enjoy just flipping through the pages, that is if you can resist the urge to cook while you do so. Check it out if you need a go-to book filled with those comfort food classics.

America’s Best Recipes: Comfort Food by America’s Best RecipesCheck-Price-ButtonThis book pretty much lets you know exactly what its all about just by looking at the cover. It’s 175 recipes just like momma used to make. Litterally everything in this book made my mouth water. This book also doesn’t waste your time with filler or untested recipes either. Everything here is a classic that everyone is sure to love. Check it out if you need a rock-solid cookbook filled with family favorite recipes.

Cravings: Recipes for all the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy TeigenCheck-Price-ButtonChrissy Teigen is not only a celebrity cook, but she’s a damn good one as well. This book proves it. In it you will find tons of recipes to conquer your comfort food cravings. Its 240 pages and beautifully designed, as you would expect from a professional chef of Chrissy’s calliber. Check it out if you want a book from someone with a masters degree level of expertise in the kitchen.

The New Comfort Food by James OselandCheck-Price-ButtonIf your looking for a more world-centric take on comfort foods, this could be what your after. In it you will find classics from all over the world that suprisingly are also very popular in the States. It’s also expertly designed and filled with numerous photos. It’s 256 pages with 100 recipes. Check it out if your taste buds are craving something with exotic roots and more than satisfying flavor.

Body by Bacon by Jeremiah BaconCheck-Price-ButtonThis book has 50 mouth watering recipes that are in no way trying to be fancy, instead focusing on pure deliciousness. Everything from chilli pot pie to raspberry sweet rolls are coverd here. If your looking for pure uncut recipes that are sure to please, this book has what your looking for. At the moment it’s only available via digital download via Amazon though, so keep that in mind before you expect to get a physical copy.

Quick & Easy Comfort Cookbook by Mr. Food Test KitchenCheck-Price-ButtonThis book reads like grandma’s cookbook. It’s also very well designed and lengthy, with 150 recipes within its pages. Lots of the recipes have full color photos. Nothing here seems like filler either. All the recipes seem like time-tested family favorites that anyone could enjoy. This could most definitely be a cornerstone in anyones collection of recipe books. Pick it up if your looking for those classic, down-home recipes.

Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend by Delish & Joanna SaltzCheck-Price-ButtonJust look at this book. If the cover doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, I’ll tell you. Its filled with so many devilishly tasty recipes, you might have to hide in shame as you eat them. Its really that good. Its from the online masters of cooking, Delish, so it’s already coming from a place of prestige. Everything here is sure to have you licking the plate afterwards. Check it out. I’m sure it will hit the spot.

Betty Crocker Comfort Food by Betty CrockerCheck-Price-ButtonBetty Crocker certainly knows what its doing in the kitchen. They’ve been around for decades and are litterally known for their comfort foods. This book is a lot like Disney opening the vault to bring out classics that we can’t get enough of. This is also a very good looking book as well, with lots of great photos and a very sleek looking layout. If you can’t get enough of those timeless, comfort food classics, this is exactly what your looking for.

Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Cookbook by Dan WhalenCheck-Price-ButtonIf your ready to get experimental with your comfort foods, this is the perfect cookbook for you. Its litterally dedicated to stuffing food into other food, to create some of the most ingenious comfort food creations you can possibly imagine. The book is also beautiful and filled with tons of photos. Give it a look if your ready to try something wild in the kitchen.

Feel Good Food by Southern LivingCheck-Price-ButtonSouthern Living pretty much has a pedegree on anything to do with cooking as far as I’m concerned. This book is no different. Within its pages you’ll find 200 classic southern dishes, each arranged by the particular mood of the meal (Nostalgic, Celebratory, ect.). If your looking for some down-home country cooking, sure to bring joy to your taste buds, this most certainly seems like the cookbook your after.

Thanks for readying everyone! I wish you well in your comfort food endevours. I’m sure you’ll cook something up fantastic. I personally have a whole host of cravings now that need to be satisfied. In any event, have fun cooking! I know I will!

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