10 Essential Dessert Cookbooks

Everyone loves a good dessert, myself included. Even those who don’t usually indulge can be found with a full fork of pie or cake when the mood is right (as well as the recipe). Because of this love of everything sweet and tasty, I have compiled this list of my 10 absolute favorite dessert cookbooks. All of them filled with sugar, spice and everything nice.

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream & Dessert Book by Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield & Nancy StevensCheck-Price-ButtonWho better to teach you about how to make ice cream than the masters themselves? Penned by both Ben & Jerry and filled with over ninty of their favorite recipes. This book is also beautifully illustrated in their signature 1970s counterculture style. If you love ice cream and want to make some of those signature Ben & Jerry’s flavors at home, this is most definitely what your looking for.

Art of the Pie by Kate McDermottCheck-Price-ButtonThis cookbook is essentially the bible of pie making. Its 352 pages and filled with everything you would ever want to know about the craft, from crusts to fillings and everything else in between. This book is also quite critically acclaimed, earning positive reviews from the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit and Oprah.com. Quite simply, if its pies you’re looking for, this is most definitely the book your after.

The Absolute Best Mug Cakes Cookbook by Rockridge PressCheck-Price-ButtonThis is a cookbook for those who prefer to use their microwave to make their favorite baked treats. Within its pages are over 100 sure-to-please mug cake recipes. The book is also beautifully designed and very in depth, covering just about every aspect of the baking process that you can imagine. If you want a beautiful cookbook full of easy to make, single serve desserts, check this out. Your taste buds will undoubtedly thank you later!

Everyday Cakes, Pies & Cookies by Gooseberry PatchCheck-Price-ButtonHere we have a book filled with time-tested dessert favorites as well as new recipes that are sure to please. This book is also huge, at 256 pages and 260 recipes. You will also find numerous full color photographs and a beautiful, clean cut design. Quite simply, if you love to bake, this book has everything you would ever want and thensome. Pick it up for that baking nut in your life, or maybe even yourself! It would be a wonderful cornerstone to any cookbook collection.

The Deceptively Easy Dessert Cookbook by Robin DonovanCheck-Price-ButtonWho said that making delicious desserts had to be hard? This book features 90 quick and easy recipes that anybody can prepare. These recipes are also classic favorites, sure to please just about everyone. Its filled with wonderful photography and has a beautiful layout. If your looking for a straight forward and easy to understand dessert recipe book. This is exactly what your looking for.

The Cookies & Cups Cookbook by Shelly JaronskyCheck-Price-ButtonIf your somewhat of a flesh and blood Cookie Monster like myself, you already understand why I love this book. This book is unique to this list in that it not only has dessert recipes, but also main dish recipes as well. I know that might be a deal breaker for some, but this book is so highly praised, I’m sure you won’t mind. This book is also massive, at 320 pages and 125 recipes. Check it out if you want an all around good cookbook with a heavy focus on sweets.

Martha Stewart’s New Pies & Tarts by Martha StewartCheck-Price-ButtonWho else would you trust for pie recipes besides Martha Stewart? She brings her years of expertise in the kitchen to this book with 150 mouth watering pie classics and new recipes sure to tickle your taste buds. The illustrations in this book literally made me so hungry, I had to take a few short breaks while writing this. If your looking for “The Bible of Pies”, this is most certainly what your looking for.

The Ultimate Cake Mix Cookie Book by Camilla SaulsburyCheck-Price-ButtonIf you’re looking to cook up some delicious sweets without a lot of time or effort, this book is a surefire sollution for that. Every recipe in this book uses pre-made, store bought cake mix instead of manually preparing everything.  The book is also huge, with 375 recipes within its pages. Don’t doubt how delicious everything is here either. Everyone seems to love this book and all of its surprisingly tasty recipes. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Frozen Desserts by Williams-SonomaCheck-Price-ButtonThis book is dedicated to dressing up your typical ice cream and frozen treats. Within its pages there are 60 recipes sure to please every ice cream cookie sandwich aficionado and then some. The book itself is also beautiful and filled with wonderful photography. Check it out if you’re looking for creative ice cream recipes, perfect for those with a taste for the fancy.

Something Sweet by Miriam PascalCheck-Price-ButtonTopping off this list is one of the most praised dessert books on Amazon. Within its 208 pages you will find sweet treats for every occasion. The layout and look of the book are both top-notch. You won’t have any trouble finding the recipe your looking for here. Check it out if your looking for an all around good book, perfect for parties and cooking up those famous holiday favorites!

Allright! Thanks for reading everyone! I wish you well in your dessert making persuits! I’m sure you’ll make something amazing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make somthing quick, as writing this list has made me super hungry!

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