10 Cookbooks for Your BBQ and Tailgating Enthusiast

Barbecue is something that many people, hold in very high regard. I myself love the fine art of smoking ribs and my father shares this passion (especially with his applewood smoked chicken. YUM!). To me, barbecue and cooking in general is more of a fine art that all people can enjoy. The paint brush traded in for the barbecue brush so to speak.

Here in this article I have selected some of my personal favorite barbecue, smoking and tailgating cookbooks that I’m sure the cook in your life will absolutely love. All of them sticky with molasses and seasoned with the wisdom of barbecue experts world-wide. Enjoy!

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Guy on Fire by Guy FieriCheck-Price-ButtonThis is what I got my dad for Christmas this year. Its filled with wild takes on pit master classics and the artistic flare that you’ve come to expect from the likes of Guy Fieri. Whatever your grilling situation is, this book most definiately has you covered. Every page has huge pictures to accompany each recipe, as well as color commentary and stories from the legend himself, Guy Fieri. If you know someone who loves to take chances with their grilling, this is an excellent gift option for you.

The Hungry Fan’s Gameday Cookbook by Daina FalkCheck-Price-ButtonIf your looking for a book filled with sports party classics, this is what your looking for. Its beautifully designed, filled with beautiful pictures highlighting each recipe and fun to read even on non-cooking days. It doesn’t matter what taste you think your situation will need, this book has you covered with 165 party favorites, from queso dip all the way to cookies. Every single page litterly has my mouth watering. Buy this to make sure your gameday shin-dig is a sure-fire hit.

Smokin’ with Myron MixonCheck-Price-ButtonNicknamed “The winningest man in barbecue”. Myron Mixon is a four time barbecue world champion. For those that absolutely love smoked meats, this is obviously the book for you. Its filled with award winning recipes that any pit master will absolutely love. The book itself is just beatiful and filled with tons of great photograhy that makes me hungry just flipping through it. Check it out and get a taste of that smokey goodness!

Party Grub by Thug KitchenCheck-Price-ButtonThis book is most definitely not a subtle take on cooking, if you can’t tell already by the cover. The recipies in this book are also just as bold as the books verbage and perfect for your next tailgating party. The content here covers just about every party situation you could ever imagine, from drinks all the way to desserts and everything in between.  The book also looks like a work of art on every page. Its all very entertaining and sure to please the next time you need to throw a party that everyone will remember.

Weber’s Greatest Hits by Jamie PurvianceCheck-Price-ButtonMost of the time when I’m grilling, I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel. I just want my time-tested, tasty grilling classics. Thats what this book is all about. Its filled with 125 grilling stand-bys. It’s also filled with mouth watering photos and beautiful looking pages. If your looking for a book to be the foundation of your recipe collection, this is what your looking for. Every recipe is a classic that your sure to love. Pick it up. You can’t go wrong.

The All-New Official Tailgating Cookbook by Southern LivingCheck-Price-ButtonIf your looking for tailgating ideas, this book features a collection of favorite tailgating recipes from every single SEC school. Basically its a collection of unique gameday recipes that you won’t find anywhere else. Its also 272 pages and beautifully designed.  Quite simply, this book is filled with real-world recipes, born and raised in the heart of tailgating country.  If you want a book filled with university tested, party favorite recipes, this is what your looking for.

Delish: Eat Like Every Day’s the Weekend by Joanna Saltz & The Delish EditorsCheck-Price-ButtonThis may not be a straight up BBQ or tailgating book but its filled to the brim with recipes sure to kick your taste buds square in the jaw. Its from delish, the online recipe video experts, whos videos you might have seen while looking for recipes on YouTube. Its 416 pages of classic party appetizers, quarky drink recipes, dips and other recipes sure to keep the party going. Check it out if you want an all around “party-worthy” cookbook.

Ultimate Book of BBQ by Southern LivingCheck-Price-ButtonBasically this book is a bible for anyone who loves to barbecue. It is an in depth look at everything you would ever want to know on the subject, from sauces, smoking woods and rubs all the way to cuts, techniques and sides. Its also huge at 368 pages and more than 200 recipes. Whatever you want to know about barbecue, smoking meat, ect, this book has you covered. Pick it up if you need a masters degree in BBQ.

The Tailgate Cookbook by Beth PetersonCheck-Price-ButtonThis book is filled with a ton of great “show-off” recipes, sure to impress at your next tailgate party. Beth Peterson is also a tried-and-true veteran in the food game, appearing on Fox’s Masterchef, FYI’s Food Champs, and Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, so she most definitely knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. If you want a book full of recipes sure to have your fans cheering for more, this is most definitely what your looking for.

Barbecue Sauces Rubs and Marinades by Steven RaichlenCheck-Price-ButtonWhat would barbecue be without masterfully crafted sauces? Thats the entire premise of this book. Whatever taste your after, this book most definitely has you covered in spades. Within its pages you are treated to over 200 expertly crafted recipes. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Check it out if you have a lust for flavor that only a masterfully crafted sauce, rub or marinade can sasiate.

Thanks for reading everybody! I wish you well in your future tailgating and grilling endevours. I personally am super hungry now just writing about this! In any case, have fun and enjoy the barbecue! I surely will!

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